Ntirety Launches NetNation, A Secure White Label Web Applications and Solutions Provider


AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ntirety, a leading global managed services provider for highly secure multi-cloud solutions, today announced the launch of NetNation, a web service solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) specializing in white-labeled delivery models.

NetNation offers its services through a diverse portfolio of retail brands, including Hostway,,, HostMySite, and DomainPeople, and via private label capabilities, serving as the white-label SMB web service provider for some of the most well-known business-to-business (B2B) SMB brands in the world.

“The launch of NetNation is a natural progression for Ntirety,” said Emil Sayegh, CEO and President, Ntirety. “We are equipped with an already-established, highly experienced team, and the most advanced white-label integration capabilities in the web services industry. The launch of NetNation allows us to shine a light on our security portfolio and our established partner capabilities as a top white-label web services provider for B2B brands.”

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, with additional offices throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada, NetNation’s tagline of Serving the Brands that Serve Small Business reflects their commitment to serve B2B companies, enabling them to:

  • Expand their SMB value-added solutions portfolio
  • Get new products to market faster
  • Increase average revenue per customer
  • Increase customer stickiness
  • Save on overhead
  • Increase customer loyalty

“Our mission is to deliver the products, tools, and services that SMBs need to thrive securely on the web,” said John Enright, President, NetNation. “Services such as email, domain names, websites, managed security, and hosted applications are more critical than ever as SMBs strive to acquire and service their clients remotely. We specialize in working with large B2B service providers to make it easy and secure for them to integrate and sell these solutions, thereby making it easier for SMBs to obtain the solutions they need from brands they trust.”

NetNation helps B2B providers overcome one of the key hurdles to offering business email, web, and application solutions: the complexity and overhead required to develop, maintain, and support them.

Working closely with each client to understand their unique customer profile, technology stack, and delivery model, NetNation designs secure custom solution sets and seamlessly integrates the customer experience with partners’ existing platforms. Once the solution is deployed, NetNation also handles sales enablement, order fulfillment, customer support and service management – all on a completely private-labeled basis.

NetNation’s extensive portfolio of white-label services include:

  • Platform and Service Migrations: The ability to move services or applications – from any source to any destination – with minimal customer disruption.
  • Service and Customer Experience Design: The ability to design and power exceptional user experiences that integrate seamlessly within existing portals, marketplaces and account management platforms.
  • Risk Mitigation, Service Operation and Management: The delivery of a superior level of security, availability and reliability removes the overhead and risk associated with maintaining web services and applications for B2Bs. With two decades of experience managing large scale web services platforms, NetNation detects and resolves issues and threats before impacting customers.
  • Service Delivery and Integration: The ability to integrate provisioning and service management workflows within existing billing and account management systems and create turn-key service delivery solutions for startups.
  • Support Services: The resolution of customer issues in real-time during first contact, transforming customer engagements into a positive experience.
  • Go-To-Market Strategies and Assistance: KPI-centric go-to-market expertise on product positioning, bundling, pricing, market segmentation, road mapping, sales and marketing, and execution.

“B2B service providers must offer critical services – such as websites, domains and email – to their clients, or risk losing them to competitors. But it is not easy to build and scale those services internally,” said Philbert Shih, Managing Director, Structure Research. “The NetNation team has built these capabilities and has an established history of delivering these services to large telecommunication (telcos) and cable companies (cablecos), helping integrate with existing systems and manage operational overhead.”

NetNation is currently available to B2B-focused businesses throughout the United States and Canada. The company now serves more than 500,000 businesses through its retail brands and channel partners.

“NetNation has been a valuable partner of Comcast’s for over ten (10) years,” said John Guillaume, Chief Design Officer, Comcast Business. “NetNation’s suite of business web services such as domains and web site hosting are simple to use, and affordable for our SMB customers.”

NetNation is a leading provider of white-label web service solutions for small business service providers across North America, allowing brands to expand their solutions portfolio, get new products to market faster, and increase their average revenue per customer. In addition to our white-label web service offerings, we manage a family of retail brands, collectively serving 125,000+ small business end-users worldwide.

With main offices in the United States, Canada, and Europe, we employ more than 200 full-time employees across the globe. For more information, visit