Michigan Mutual Gains Uptime through Ntirety Managed Services

Michigan Mutual is a mortgage broker founded in 1992 by brothers Mark and Hale Walker. Over the past few decades, the business has expanded across 35 states and now has a total of 100 Mortgage Loan Advisors. As a company that handles financial information, being able to quickly communicate with customers while keeping personal data secure is a top priority and core to their value proposition. The challenge is having all the right tools and technology in place to compete with big players and some nimble smaller ones. 

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Michigan Mutual had to move their back office IT servers from their office suite to a data center that they owned and operated. Over time their server, storage, and network set-up became outdated.  A decision had to be made on how to make sure data management was as efficient as possible in the spring of 2017. 

With Ntirety’s help in taking over the management of their IT infrastructure, the Michigan Mutual team can now focus on their core business of delivering competitive mortgages to their customers.    


To free up their time, and increase availability and security, Michigan Mutual turned to Ntirety for a virtual desktop services solution (VDI) and moved everything from their own data center to be on Ntirety’s VDI and DR infrastructure. The VDI and on-prem DR Solution moved to Ntirety in August 2017. In June 2018 their applications and back office were also moved to be fully handled by Ntirety. The Michigan Mutual Team then entrusted Ntirety to provide: 

  • Unified Cloud Service Level (UCSL Advanced)– With Ntirety’s advanced cloud service, Michigan Mutual can co-administer their environment with Ntirety. The mortgage insurance company receives 24x7x365 monitoring and detailed insights on any changes within their environment from Ntirety.   
  • Cloud Desktop – This allows virtual desktops to be easily accessible from virtually anywhere  
  • Disaster Recovery Managed Service – In case of a disruption, a security compromise or unlikely disaster, Michigan Mutual wanted to be able to continue delivering services to its customers.   The setup, monitoring and management of a disaster recovery solution is provided by Ntirety to ensure the functionality of mission-critical applications. 
  • Cost came into play when picking a solution for the Michigan Mutual team and Ntirety was able to provide an affordable solution with a great Return On investment (ROI)  while providing best in class services. 


Ntirety’s managed services helped provide a quick response time to any changes in Michigan Mutual’s infrastructure. With Ntirety onboard, the mortgage insurance company now has more uptime and availability to focus on other business operations. The migration to Ntirety’s data center gives the Michigan Mutual team more servers and desktops that are available all the time and running at peak performance. The uptime, speed, availability and ease of use lets people do their jobs and compete to “get their share of the pie” according to Michigan Mutual EVP and CIO Bruce Clarke. 

Centralized administration and cloud desktop means that regardless of what happens in any individual area, employees can just go somewhere that has internet, and they’re back up and running. 

“We have been fortunate in the fact that the Ntirety team has been able to focus and to get attention to things quickly to help us get results,” Clarke said. 

The reliability, communication and support from Ntirety has helped Michigan Mutual to feel valued as a customer and feel confident in the Ntirety solution. That confidence allows the Michigan Mutual team to stay focused on being competitive in the market rather than worrying about managing their infrastructure.