Insurance Company Partners with Ntirety to Secure Multi-Cloud Systems, Reduce Overhead and Cost


The client is an insurance company based in the United States, with nearly twenty locations across the US and Canada. The company provides services to small and midsize businesses through subsidiary insurers, and specializes in the areas of property, casualty, and marine insurance. The company is backed by capital and a strong underwriting team, allowing them to incur a certain level of prudent risk. They possess a decisive attitude, supported by quick action with intent, and are adept at problem solving. The company’s services empower their customers to focus on their business, rather than the complicated logistics of specialty insurance.

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When the insurance provider came to Ntirety, they were working with another Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that wasn’t meeting their needs, due to many limitations to their service and offerings. The insurance provider was looking for help with security in a comprehensive manner, and both oversight and visibility into their IT systems. They also needed help managing their existing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform, Microsoft Sentinel. The company was steadily growing through mergers and acquisitions, and wanted to build a framework that was scalable and allowed for easy onboarding of new companies. The company had a small team and did not want the burden of training and retaining a large security and IT team. They were looking to leverage an effective, experienced partner to provide a comprehensive suite of security and IT services – and peace of mind.


Ntirety initially provided a Security Operations Center as a Service (SOC as a Service, or SOCaas) solution, then took over management of the company’s SIEM which was based on Microsoft Sentinel. The solution expanded to cloud operations, and the Ntirety team provided support with AWS/Azure, VDI Management, and Virtual Desktops and Database Administrator (DBA) expertise. Over a period of a few months, Ntirety became the most trusted IT Services provider, providing a range of support to help the insurance company manage their business.

The encompassing Ntirety solution included:

  • 24x7x365 SOC as a Service
    The company leveraged Ntirety’s SOCaaS using Microsoft Sentinel SIEM to achieve protection around the clock. This eliminated the need to hire, train, and support a team of their own.
  • 24x7x365 Operational Monitoring
    Proactive monitoring for threats across the environment and throughout ongoing infrastructure changes as new companies onboarded. Monitoring included alerts and was backed by a dedicated support team.
  • Compliance
    Compliance by extension through use of Ntirety systems.
  • Multi-Cloud Support
    Ntirety helped manage a multi-cloud environment, backed by a team of experienced architects, engineers, and SMEs. The team supported day- to-day operations and provided best practice recommendations.
  • Identity Access Management (IAM)
    In addition to migrating on-premises systems to the cloud, Ntirety deployed new services and solutions including: a zero-trust framework, just in time access and principle of least privileges, verification and authentication, and end-to-end encryption for virtual desktops.
  • Threat Protection and Analytics
    Ntirety provided enhanced and proactive threat detection, backed by AI and Machine Learning, as well as analytics to provide visibility into systems.
  • Ongoing Cost-Saving Measures
    Multiple cost-saving measures, including Right Sizing VMs, BPA assessments, weekly security and tech operations audits, plus architecture discussions and reviews.


This solution, informed by Ntirety KPIs and recommendations on avoiding breaches and protecting data, allowed the insurance provider to focus on running their business. They were able to devote time to forward-looking security plans and compliance, rather than getting mired down in the minutia of managing their IaaS and security. Ntirety’s comprehensive security approach empowered the insurance provider, saving them time and money to reduce their overhead.

Managing security and compliance is a strategic, economic imperative that directly impacts business outcomes. Ntirety is the only company that embeds compliant security throughout IT and company culture, protecting enterprises with a comprehensive compliant security solution. With over 25 years of experience and deep security expertise, Ntirety’s security operations centers (SOCs) simplify risk management programs with a full protection, recovery and assurance suite of services. Learn more about Ntirety’s award-winning and globally-trusted Compliant Security Solutions at

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