Cybersecurity Implications of the Russia-Ukraine War on US Businesses

An 800% increase in suspected Russian-sourced cyber-attacks were observed. U.S. cybersecurity agencies, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security have all shared high alerts covering threat levels, preparedness, and response. What is your business doing to harden your cybersecurity posture?

In this webinar, members of the Ntirety cyber-threat response team along with Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) James Morrison, Business Information Security Officer (BISO) Christopher Houseknecht, Field CTO Tony Scribner, and CEO Emil Sayegh will share how the Russia-Ukraine war is impacting various organizations today.

With a combined 50+ years in cybersecurity work for the FBI, US Air Force intelligence, and various three-letter acronym agencies, the Ntirety team will deliver actionable key insights that include:

  • Historical context of state-sponsored cyberattacks
  • Who the major targets are and why
  • The nascent types of attack vectors
  • What simple and practical changes organizations must do today to protect themselves
  • Why managed comprehensive security solutions are the answer to this changed cyber-landscape
  • How Ntirety is responding internally to the escalation in cyber threats