Case Study – Olympia Orthopedic Associates partners with Ntirety to leverage all of their data sources and create powerful, custom BI reports

Olympia partners with Ntirety to leverage all of their data sources and create powerful, custom BI reports.

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Olympia Orthopedic Associates (Olympia) was using a legacy reporting system that was no longer serving their business needs. They could generate manual reports, but it was not integrated with their billing and investor management systems. Their reports provided limited visibility into the financial and operational health of the practice. As a result, Olympia lacked insights on providers, procedures, and facility performance. They had no “Days in AR” calculation and no way to assess the impact of long cashflow cycles with payers.

Olympia decided to look for a reporting platform that could aggregate all of their different data sources in one powerful dashboard with fresh, up-to-date, and accurate data.

At first, they tried using Power BI from Microsoft but ran into two problems: they did not have internal resources capable of setting up the necessary SQL database, nor did they have anyone on staff with the Power BI expertise necessary to fully leverage the system.

While Power BI offered high-performance capabilities, Olympia realized they needed a partner who could solve the issues preventing them from taking full advantage of this tool.


Olympia chose to work with Ntirety to set up their server with an SQL database that integrates directly with Power BI.

“We interviewed various companies while searching for a partner. We felt a strong connection with the team at Ntirety and we felt confident in their ability to help us,” said Tabatha Newman, Management Analyst at Olympia Orthopedic Associates.

Ntirety leveraged Microsoft’s enterprise-grade data integration platform to develop custom data flows from Athena and IOS. The solution captures Olympia’s unique business logic while reconciling with front-end applications down to the penny.

Integrating the data from their billing system, Athena, was one particularly challenging part of the process for Olympia. “[Ntirety] worked with us to make sense of the data coming in from Athena. I really appreciate their ability to understand the data coming over. They wrote code and manipulated the data to integrate into our analytics,” said Newman.

Ntirety was able to integrate the data from all of their different business systems, allowing Olympia to now easily access custom reports that were not possible previously. “Having our hands-on data from up to a day prior means we know what is going on in our practice right now, with no delay. This is huge,” said Newman.

“I would absolutely recommend Ntirety. They were able to quickly get in and understand our data. They also quickly understood what we were trying to accomplish and have helped us through the whole process.” – Tabatha Newman, Management Analyst // Olympia Orthopedic Associates

Benefits & Results
  • Custom Data Ingestion from Athena Billing System Ntirety worked with Olympia to develop a custom solution that imports all the necessary data from Athena.
  • Merging of Multiple Data Sources We’re currently working on a project with Ntirety to see cost comparison for physical services provided alongside reimbursement we’re receiving. These are two completely different systems. Having that data live and in one centralized place provides us with the biggest benefit from Power BI,” said Tabatha.
  • The Power of Custom Reporting We have the flexibility now to create new reports that meet our needs. We aren’t stuck in the box of a system’s parameters, working with a cookie cutter reporting tool. Now we have something that fits our practices and analytical needs,” said Tabatha.
  • Ntirety’s Team is “Exceptional” “I really appreciate the professionalism they have shown. Lou, our account manager, provides a real consistency and has a great knowledge base. He follows up and follows through, is timely, and keeps everything on schedule,” said Tabatha.

Olympia Orthopaedic Associates, P.L.L.C. provides healthcare services. The Company offers pain management, physical therapy, on-site diagnostics and outpatient surgery, medical care, orthopaedic, surgical and non-surgical management, sports medicine, and joint replacement services. Olympia Orthopaedic Associates serves patients in the State of Washington.

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