Case Study – Ntirety’s Managed Security Services Deliver Better Protection and Personal Support for Sensitive Data

Ntirety’s Managed Security Services Deliver Better Protection and Personal Support for Sensitive Data

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In the world of web development and digital marketing, cybersecurity is crucial to protect both an individual company’s IT environment and their clients’ data. The defense stakes are raised even higher for this digital marketing agency working exclusively with healthcare clients—a hot target industry for hackers and other IT threats.

To ensure their clients the highest protection for sensitive healthcare data, the marketing agency looked to their IT partner, Ntirety, to deliver the latest in proactive cybersecurity plus the assurance that Ntirety’s fast-acting support team would be ready to address any potential issue.


Ntirety’s Managed Security Services provided not only the latest cybersecurity solutions against modern cyberattacks, but extensive experience and knowledge from the security operations center for the agency to have visibility into their own security coverage. The marketing agency experienced more proactive data protection with features such as:

  • New comprehensive firewall
  • Geoblocking
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Guidance and recommendations

“Ntirety’s Managed Security services keeps me aware of what’s happening to my assets. It’s great knowing we have a partner we trust and that will stay on top of all situations. It takes great technology and people to keep us on the right path.” -Digital Marketing Agency’s Chief Technology Officer

Along with advanced defenses, Ntirety’s security team provided trusted vigilance to investigate any imposing threats and deliver remediation recommendations.

The Managed Security solution was the ideal step up in healthcare data protection for the agency to ensure their clients can trust their own services and continue to build long-lasting business relationships.


With the more comprehensive set of services, Ntirety’s Managed Security delivered, the healthcare digital marketing agency saw a reduced number of attacks and was more prepared to handle any issues that did arise. Thanks to the direct alerts and Ntirety’s quick responses to threats the agency can rest easy that they will be ready to take action if necessary. The personal experience Ntirety’s security team provides lets the agency’s internal teams focus on their desired business goals.

The marketing agency is confident they can continuously deliver their own exemplary services tohealthcareclients
withNtirety’s Managed Security Services protecting their data and IT environment.

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