Case Study – Ntirety Selected as Trusted Partner for North America’s Largest Glass Recycler’s Digital Transformation

Ntirety Delivers Mission-Critical Solutions and Reliability for Strategic Materials, North America’s Largest Glass Recycler

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As North America’s largest glass recycler with a century’s worth of history, Strategic Materials, Inc. (SMI) suffered from both operating on legacy IT infrastructure and the burden of managing it. Legacy applications and infrastructure were a significant roadblock for SMI to step forward with any kind of digital transformation.

Even with migration to public and private cloud platforms, the major recycler’s IT team was still overwhelmed by the management involved with their expansive technology environment.

To properly move select applications to the cloud, while simultaneously streamlining and modernizing their information technology infrastructure, SMI approached Ntirety to be the enterprise’s managed cloud services partner.


As the only managed solutions provider that guarantees continuous improvements though their Guidance Level Agreements (GLAs), SMI trusted Ntirety would proactively reduce risks to their infrastructure and optimize IT costs.

Along with the GLA commitment, Ntirety provided a range of managed services to relieve SMI’s internal IT team as well as smoothly guide the 100-year-old company through digital transformation.

Ntirety’s Managed Services for SMI include:

  • 24/7 Database Management: Continuous support, data base optimization, and on-demand Microsoft SQL service
  • Business Intelligence: Ntirety moved SMI off a legacy and inefficient business intelligence application, to Microsoft’s PowerBI for more advanced functionality and control enabling SMI’s management to make infinitely more precise and timely decisions
  • Monitoring & Insights: Comprehensive 24x7x365 monitoring services and deep infrastructure insights delivered monthly through the Industry’s Only Guidance Level Agreements, freeing up SMI’s IT team from the burden of 24×7 management
  • Cloud Operations: Full-stack operational support of a cloud environment that supports all of SMI’s critical IT operations


With a comprehensive set of managed services from Ntirety, SMI no longer had to spend time dealing with the headaches of managing their own legacy IT, including the operational risks that result from outdated and insecure infrastructure.

In addition, many of the legacy technology issues were alleviated through a successful journey to the cloud.

“Ntirety has helped us in every step of our digital transformation, handling the ‘entirety’ of our IT environment in both the public and private cloud, enabling us to focus on our mission of delivering excellent service to our customers.” – Tom Lytle, Vice President Information Technology, Strategic Materials, Inc.

With the hurdles blocking their digital transformations resolved, Ntirety continues to provide the support and ongoing improvements to accelerate SMI’s time-to-market and create a future-ready, agile enterprise.

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About Strategic Materials

With over a 100-year history, Strategic Materials is North America’s largest and most comprehensive glass recycler, with nearly 50 locations in the United States and Canada. The company focus has been and continues to be on creating value for customers through innovation and continuous improvement. The company is a technology partner to cleaner, more efficient glass production, providing customers and suppliers with economical and environmentally viable solutions for reuse of waste streams including glass and plastic. For more information, visit

About Ntirety

Ntirety is the only Managed Solutions Provider for multi-cloud solutions with guaranteed business outcomes. Our solutions enable a future-ready, agile enterprise backed by the industry’s first and only Guidance Level Agreements™ (GLAs): actionable insights that improve mission-critical application availability, performance, security and cost. Our engineers in North America, Europe, and Asia deliver solutions that shift tactical Enterprise IT operations to business transformation for thousands of global customers. With fourteen data centers around the world, Ntirety also ensures strict compliance to PCI, HITRUST, HIPAA, FERPA, and GDPR guidelines and regulations. For more information, visit