Case Study – Ntirety Optimizes AWS Costs for Direct Marketing Firm

Ntirety Optimizes AWS Costs for Direct Marketing Firm

In the ever-evolving business landscape, this national direct marketing firm recognized the importance of technology to not only stay in front of their customers but to continually optimize internally for their business as well. After many years working with the Ntirety team, the direct marketing firm knew they would get the insights and recommendations to keep the firm competitive and cost-effective.

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The direct marketing firm quickly adapted and learned to harness technology to keep up with their customer needs, but their cloud costs were not scaling with their operations. Although they found reliable performance and availability putting their workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS), deciphering the AWS invoices left the firm lost on where, how, and why the company was bill was so high.

For a company always aiming to grow, runaway cloud costs could easily derail their progress and drain resources without the firm even realizing it.


Giving their AWS invoice an expert set of eyes, Ntirety’s spend management services started reviewing and providing quarterly insight for the direct marketing firm on the optimal ways to purchase AWS services to meet their desired business goals and budgets. Always staying at the forefront of the latest AWS products and services, Ntirety helped the firm a step further into cost optimization with the introduction of the AWS Savings Plan, released in November 2019.

This new AWS service covered the direct marketing firm’s diverse workloads in a more flexible and cost-effective way than more traditional methods like adding more reserved instances that can lock-in the user a particular instance type or size.

Through years of analyzing their AWS infrastructure and usage trends and forecasting, Ntirety’s close understanding of the firm’s long-term strategy enabled the team to align the AWS Savings Plan to meet the business needs. Ntirety alleviated the cloud cost confusion with AWS Savings Plan helping reduce overall costs.


Ntirety’s management recommendations helped the direct marketing firm see a 30% reduction in compute costs. With Ntirety’s AWS knowledge and expertise, the firm was able to optimize costs by using the AWS Savings Plan as well as implementing other recommendations:

  • Convert older instances to modern instance type
  • Identify opportunities auto-scaling to reduce the idle
  • Identify changes like rightsizing, under-used resources
  • Prevent unnecessary purchase of reserved instance
  • Resource tagging and grouping to align costs against projects and departments

From the long-time partnership, Ntirety knows the business well enough to confidently make recommendations and implement changes efficiently. For the direct marketing firm, Ntirety’s spend management services resulted in reductions in both cost and confusion.

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