Case Study – Ntirety GLAs Deliver Results for a Leader in Management Consulting

For one management consulting firm, conducting business across the globe required modern technology to not only keep up with the competition but surpass it. To achieve this digital transformation, the consulting enterprise moved to a hybrid, multi-cloud environment, but despite completing cloud migration successfully, the firm found new struggles with the hybrid


Uncontrollable Costs
While the hybrid cloud brought great flexibility, the consulting firm—like many other enterprise organizations—wanted to reduce its AWS costs. In addition to cloud provider costs, the organization’s goal was to take better control of the mounting IT operation costs that accumulated from the new hybrid environment and get its internal IT team back to focusing on work of true strategic value.

Unclear in the Cloud
The increased IT operations costs and lost productivity time came from the lack of visibility and control of its hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure. Without having a clear understanding of where and how resources were being utilized, the consulting firm operated in the dark with no real chance of optimizing cost, performance, or efficiency on its own.


Take Control with Managed Services
Ntirety’s flexible and scalable Managed Hybrid Cloud Service was the ideal solution for the consulting group to achieve optimal workload placement and control of cloud costs. With the expertise of Ntirety’s Cloud Operations team, the firm maximized its IT performance while minimizing its internal team’s headaches and shifting resources back to the company’s
more valuable work.

Greater Visibility
With state-of-the-art monitoring tools, the consulting firm worked with Ntirety to observe and evaluate the company’s entire IT environment—all from a single pane of glass. Ntirety’s Monitoring Insights services provided not only in-depth analysis, but, more importantly, the actionable recommendations needed to optimize.

Future-Facing Direction
Actionable recommendations were only the beginning of Ntirety’s proactive commitment to the consulting firm. Utilizing the industry’s first Guidance Level Agreement (GLA), the company was enabled to achieve its desire business outcomes and to truly become a future-ready, agile enterprise. Focusing on the key areas of cost, security, availability and performance, this
solution promised real results, guaranteeing up to 15% cost savings corporate IT expenses.


With all the managed services and insights working together, Ntirety delivered the GLA commitment for the consulting firm over cost, security, availability and performance.

Through Monitoring Insights and Cloud Operations, reliable managed services, and experience-driven actionable recommendations via GLAs, Ntirety delivered tangible improvements to the consulting firm’s overall hybrid, multi-cloud environment, successfully reducing risk, optimizing IT costs, and enabling the business to become a more competitive, agile enterprise.

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