Capco Gains Greater IT Visibility and Accurate Security Monitoring with Ntirety

Capco, a Wipro company, is a global technology and management consultancy specializing in driving digital transformation in the financial services industry worldwide. With a growing client portfolio comprising of over 100 global organizations, Capco operates at the intersection of business and technology by combining innovative thinking with unrivalled industry knowledge to deliver end-to-end data-driven solutions and fast-track digital initiatives for banking and payments, capital markets, wealth and asset management, insurance, and the energy sector.

To accommodate for this growing client portfolio, Capco would need to optimize and better secure their IT environment. 

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For any business handling sensitive financial information, cybersecurity must be a top priority –one that is constantly evaluated as the company grows and IT threats evolve. Capco’s legacy IT systems were causing their team and outside security provider to chase false positives in monitoring applications and environments. This led to the increased need for individuals to manually review whether these alerts were accurate, wasting valuable manpower, time, and budget. One incident in particular stood out as a red flag for normal system functions. 

“[The incident was] forcing us to step back and really do a deep dive of our data and our environments,” Capco Associate Director of Technology Doug Helm said.   

The system in place did not allow Capco to see what their legacy security provider could see and vice versa. Screen sharing information was one of the few ways Capco resolved their systems malfunctions at the time. To provide the best digital services, Capco engaged Ntirety to move off the legacy system and create the safest possible environment. 


To provide the most accurate system results and ensure the safety of their customers’ important data, Capco put their trust in Ntirety to manage security and provide:  

  • Firewalls: These are network security systems that monitor and regulate traffic. They create a barrier between an internal trusted source and an external untrustworthy source. 
  • Web Application and API Protection (WAAP): WAAP includes bot mitigation, Web Application Firewall (WAF), API Protection, and protection against DDoS attacks. Web Applications can be accessed through a web browser, and Application Programming Interfaces can be found within a web application. APIs are programming codes that allow communication between computers or computer programs.     

Ntirety’s solution implemented collaboration, clear communication and visibility of changes that are made. One solution is presented to everyone who is involved. This new solution gave Capco the ability to create and customize specific security rule sets to limit accessibility to applications and ensure the intended users are the ones using them. 


The Ntirety Solution cut back on false positives that the old systems in place frequently produced.    

“The new solution has really cut back on [false positives] to almost zero,” Helm said. “If we get an alert, we really know it’s a true alert.” 

Additionally, their ability to monitor applications improved because they now receive more accurate results when they are notified about a potential issue that needs to be investigated. The technology Ntirety provided helped to streamline rules so additional burdens were not created.  

It helped to produce better management of environments through enhanced reporting. There is real-time feedback for what happens in the environment and acknowledgement of suspicious activity, such as strange IP addresses from a country known to introduce bad traffic and damage environments; they are blocked upon entering the environment.  

Ntirety’s Managed Security solutions have allowed Capco to focus less on the system administration and security roles internally and put their efforts towards other business functions. Helm described Ntirety as a “trusted partner” for bringing “sound solutions” to what needs to be accomplished, explaining further that the people at Ntirety care about Capco’s employees’ satisfaction and company success.  

“I can pick up the phone and there’s relationship there,” Helm said. “I’m not just a number or a face in the crowd.” 

Prior to teaming up with Ntirety, Capco had to navigate difficult communication methods and frequent false positive alerts. With Ntirety’s solution, the rules were streamlined, and alerts provided were accurate ones. Ntirety’s Managed Security, Firewalls, and WAAP let Capco put their time and effort toward other more critical and strategic business functions while Ntirety experts handle security in an innovative and efficient set of services.