Cyber Hour Podcast

Ep. 8 – 2024 Industry Perspectives

As the realm of outsourced infrastructure and managed services continues to expand, its potential remains largely untapped.

In this compelling episode of The Cyber Hour, host Emil Sayegh engages in a deep-dive conversation with Philbert (Phil) Shih, Founder & Managing Director of Structure Research. Together, they dissect the nuances of a globalizing industry, the transformative role of AI in Managed Services, and the broader implications for the industry. They delve into Phil’s insights on how AI is paving the way for organizations to layer additional value over their infrastructure, and the extensive prospects it holds for enhancing end-user benefits.

The dialogue also touches upon the pivotal role of collaboration, the importance of engaging with MSPs, and the necessity of continuous innovation in shaping the industry’s future. Furthermore, the episode offers a personal touch, exploring Phil’s professional journey, the influence of peer advice in instilling the confidence to start his venture, and the lessons learned along the way.