Cyber Hour Podcast

Ep. 7 – Navigating the Dynamics of Today’s Business World

Uncertainty can cause people to become tentative about making decisions, and current economic conditions are having an impact on technology choices within the channel.

In this enlightening episode of The Cyber Hour, your host Emil Sayegh engages in a candid conversation with Bluewave CEO, Seth Penland. They delve into Bluewave’s and Seth’s professional and personal journeys, exploring the challenges and triumphs.

The discussion extends to the economic conditions and CEO challenges, shedding light on how clients acquire managed technology in today’s world. Seth and Emil also emphasize the critical importance of investing in solutions expertise, and they unravel the significant roles of partnership, patience, and collaboration in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Join us for insights that resonate with leaders navigating today’s dynamic business world.