Cyber Hour Podcast

Ep. 11 – Private Clouds and the Importance of Partner/Client/Vendor Communication

Join us for an exciting episode of The Cyber Hour as host and Ntirety CEO, Emil Sayegh, sits down with Mel Melara, SVP of Data Center & Cloud at Bridgepointe Technologies. Together they delve into the crucial role of partnerships within the industry, including the importance of staying in contact with suppliers and the power of constant communication.

They also explore the current landscape, including the omnipresence of AI, the impact of economic headwinds, and the shift back towards repatriation of private cloud.

They delve into what sets Bridgepointe and Ntirety up for success, subject matter expertise, and strong engagement. To wrap things up, the two segue to personal career lessons including the importance of growth and the driving power of passion.