Cyberthreat Hunting And Removal

Actively Eliminate Hidden Threats

Even if you employ the very best cybersecurity philosophies and solutions, cybercriminals can remain one step ahead. That means it’s very likely cybersecurity threats may be in your networks right now. You can either wait for them to cause damage, or discover how Ntirety can proactively eliminate these threats now, and in the future.


Targets Acquired

Using industry-leading solutions aided by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Ntirety’s Security Operations Center is specifically qualified to find and eliminate malware, ransomware, and other security threats that can evade traditional defenses. We’ll actively search networks, systems, applications, endpoints, and data stores throughout your organization to identify and remove potentially devastating issues.

A Proven Technology

Ntirety is uniquely positioned identify malicious or suspicious activity and act swiftly to remediate issues and implement ongoing processes to prevent future infiltration.

EXPERIENCE — With three world-class Security Operations Centers and 20+ years of global cybersecurity experience and data, Ntirety expertly analyze and baseline your current state and identify threats likely to be compromising your infrastructure.

VERIFICATION — Ntirety identifies anomalies and validate assumptions by collecting and scrutinizing vast quantities of data from existing network devices, firewalls, data logs, antivirus software, and endpoints.

HUNTING — With a clear understanding of probable threats Ntirety investigates indications of compromise and attack, including things like malware, suspicious outbound traffic, and large outbound data transfers.

ANALYSIS — Once threats are identified Ntirety examines the scope of any impact and formulate a plan to eliminate threats.

REMEDIATION — Ntirety enacts a plan to stop attacks, identify what allowed attacks into the network, remove/restore affected files, and close any security gaps.

PROTECTION — Ntirety goes beyond simply identifying and removing threats by implementing solutions and processes to prevent attacks from infiltrating your network going forward.