2018 Innovation is in the Cloud

In 2018, innovative business will drive rapid changes in cloud technology, and those technological needs are converging to tell the story of a fundamental shift in how cloud affects us in our daily lives. Business and cloud are coming together at a pace that will only increase exponentially. Those businesses that adapt and embrace the new cloud proposition with an ever-expanding range of use cases can capitalize on what these developments can deliver both now and in the future.

Ntirety is prepared to help your enterprise be a part of this innovation. Our focus as a managed service provider in 2018 is to provide a seamless transition to the cloud without sacrificing the quality or security of your data. We can ensure your place in the cloud is secure, available, and scalable as the technology advances.

Data is on the rise in 2018

One of the effects of this growing merger between business and cloud is a significant rise in volume across the board, from data transference to storage, to cloud instances; these estimates all trend wildly upward. It’s this volume that will lay the foundation of the competitive cloud frontier for years to come.

In 2018, we will see new technologies emerge with a high demand for availability and response in the cloud:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 5G
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Edge-based cloud
  • IoE (Internet of Everything)

A new partner in the 2018 cloud

Building hybrid environments for this type of data volume is easier with a properly managed cloud provider like Ntirety. We know how to leverage the tools of the trade and we can help you cut costs while taking advantage of these new, expanding technologies. It’s no surprise these applications will demand more in terms of availability, response, and data storage. Likewise, mission-critical applications will continue to storm the multi-cloud this year.

With the right partner, a business can stay ready and vigilant to prevent or rectify any possible data breaches. Ntirety is not limiting ourselves or our customers to the idea of just one type of cloud in 2018. Whether it’s hybrid clouds, private clouds, or other off-premise options, we are more than capable to build and host a secure infrastructure that will suit your exact needs.

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