As the volume of data generated by mobile, social, and big data adds further complexity to your database environment, the costs and labor required to successfully maintain your data increases. This means your DBAs are barely keeping your databases up and spend most of their time managing emergencies, leaving little time for optimizing your database operations as a whole.

Database administration overhead costs have skyrocketed in part due to this increase in the volume of data. More data requires more storage space, oftentimes necessitating the purchase of additional hardware. IT resources are already stretched thin and many IT departments lack specialized database expertise to simply keep databases afloat.

There are three ways you can ease the burden of database administration and also lower costs, which include:

DBA On-Demand:

Oftentimes, the day-to-day demands are so onerous that DBAs do not have enough time to work on long-term projects that can improve your operations. It is not uncommon for projects such as deploying new applications to languish for months.

On-Demand DBA services solve this problem by augmenting the IT team you already have. When you partner with an On-Demand DBA service provider, you gain access to database experts who can assist with fine-tuning database performance, implementing upgrades and patches, and migrating to new technologies. This allows your core IT team to gain precious time to focus on priority business initiatives while your database is taken care of by experts.

Remote DBA Services:

Unfortunately, database problems aren’t confined to normal business hours. Let’s face it: your DBA can’t be everywhere all of the time and no one likes to get that call in the middle of the night.

Remote DBA services fill the gap by acting as an on-call DBA whenever you need it. Think of this service as an MVP-quality pinch hitter who can step up to the plate when you require assistance. Common issues include backup assurance and recovery, emergency support, and database patching.

Database as a Service (DBaaS):

The cloud offers exciting new possibilities in the world of database management, combining the efficiencies of reduced complexity and operational costs with the power and security of the traditional database. While many organizations closely guard their on-premise database operations, DBaaS and hybrid DBaaS solutions offer a variety of architectures and service options, including dedicated single-tenant instances for critical applications and shared multi-tenant instances for less sensitive data. DBaaS will optimize database size and service levels for secondary workloads while retaining enterprise-level performance and availability.

Your organization needs database roadmap to act as a guide through the ever-changing terrain of database administration.  Ntirety works with Oracle, Microsoft, and VMware to provide best-in-class database administration services including, Remote DBA, DBA On-Demand, and a wide range of DBaaS supporting services, including database administration, integration, consulting, and implementation. We will be your guide to ensuring compliance and your conduit to increase your IT staff’s job satisfaction and productivity levels.  When you partner with us, you gain access to industry experts that can help you optimize operations while minimizing costs.