Database experts with wisdom to spare

Ntirety, a division of HOSTING, offers deep database expertise, brought to you by some of the most knowledgeable people in the business. Our leadership team is made up of leaders who have deep experience with technology and business management.

Andrew Sherman

Andrew Sherman

Chief Operating Officer

Prior to joining Ntirety, Andy Sherman was a valued customer.

As President and CEO of CenterStone Software, a SaaS enterprise application company, Andy hired Ntirety to maintain and monitor mission-critical databases. When his staff presented him with the advantages of freeing up employees to focus on their product while ensuring database performance for a low, fixed, monthly fee, he was sold.

Andy’s role at Ntirety has expanded and, as COO, he heads up the Sales, Marketing, Operations and Consulting Services efforts. Andy brings years of executive and sales experience to Ntirety, having dramatically boosted sales and reduced costs at leading technology companies.

Aside from CenterStone, Andy was the first Vice President of Sales at start-up NaviSite, a managed services and hosting company where he led revenue growth from $0 to over $100 million in four years. He also served as VP of Sales at Fulcrum Technologies and Nellymoser, as well as holding senior sales management positions at Sybase/Powersoft and Apple Computer.

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Andy and his wife, Thyra, live in Andover, Massachusetts, and have three children. Andy splits his free time between mountain biking, skiing, sailing, golf and volunteer work.

Paul Fournier

Paul Fournier

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Fournier is an experienced finance and accounting professional with nearly 30 years of experience. As the Chief Financial Officer of Ntirety, Paul is responsible for all the company’s financial functions as well as Human Resources.

Since joining Ntirety and their management team, Paul has been committed to help grow the company by focusing on key business metrics, process improvements and industry trends.

Prior to coming to Ntirety, Paul as the Chief Financial Officer for Arthur Blank & Company and was part of their senior management that successfully implemented a business plan where the company grew 150% going from $18 million to $45 million. During this time, Paul was also responsible for the Human Resources, Information Technology and Quality Assurance departments. Paul also put in place and managed the company’s first Lean Manufacturing Program.

Paul is a graduate of Assumption College in Worcester, MA.

Jim Haas

Jim Haas

Vice President of Managed Services

Jim brings a unique combination of technical and business skills to his role heading up Ntirety’s Database Operations and Consulting Services. Jim earned a B.S. In Computer Science and key certifications including the Microsoft Certified Professional and VMware Certified Professional demonstrating his technical breadth. He has also received an MBA, indicative of his strong business savvy and interest in building a business. Jim started with Ntirety as a Senior SQL DBA and, due to his outstanding performance in that role, was selected to head up Consulting Services. Prior to Ntirety, Jim had DBA and Developer roles at as a Software Engineer at Electric Time.