In-house DBAs often spend most of their days on the mundane tasks of backups or putting out the fires that constantly arise. This leaves little to no time for analyzing operations and looking forward.  What can you do to make the changes needed that will improve your database processes and increase the profitability from your IT operations?

Even with today’s complex computing environment your DBA may not be needed – at least not in the way you think. Because of installation wizards and self-service options, it no longer requires vast expertise to set up a database or even perform routine maintenance. This means that in many cases the requirements are not there to warrant a full-time DBA.

In other instances an overloaded DBA team my need more resources but doesn’t have the budget to add another full-time DBA to the headcount. With the demands constantly changing it is also difficult to find all the skills you need within one DBA. Functional areas where a DBA may focus include:

  1. Monitoring and Alerting
  2. Production
  3. On-call
  4. Performance Tuning
  5. High Availability
  6. Developer
  7. Data Architect

This is where ½ a DBA comes in.

The concept of the ½ DBA is that you have access to the right skills for the job only when you need them.  A ½ of a DBA comes in many forms here are some examples:

DBA OnDemand: The specific DBA skill sets you need, when you need them, whether it’s a Production DBA on Monday, a Performance Tuning DBA on Wednesday, or a Database Architect on Thursday and Friday. The flexibility means you only pay for the increments you need, whether that is half a DBA, a quarter, or an eighth.

Managed Database Services or Remote Database Administration: Match your specific DBA requirements with a set of predefined tasks, responsibilities and deliverables.

Managed Service OnDemand Hybrid: Combine the best of DBA OnDemand and Managed Database Services solutions. This gives you the flexibility to work with a set of services that provide exactly what you need.

The advantages of outsourcing DBA services means that you can offload the day to day tasks including scaling, load balancing, failover and backup.  Another big benefit is that you avoid burnout and turnover of your in-house staff and alleviate the requirement to be on-call.

Where to Find Your ½ DBA

Ntirety offers a comprehensive strategy to improve your existing database and APM workflows. Ntirety offers a free database assessment to provide you with a roadmap that will steer your organization in the right direction toward optimal efficiency. With Ntirety’s remote DBA, database consulting or DBA on-demand services, your environment will be fine-tuned to add value to your business, to increase productivity and drive profitable outcomes. Ntirety has partnered with top technology companies including Oracle, Microsoft and VMWare, to provide best-in-class support and services that will free up your in-house staff to focus on their core competencies.