Have you heard about this thing called the Dataverse?

Michael Corey, Founder and President of Ntirety has been writing about the dataverse for years in publications such as Database Trends and Applications. The dataverse is data that your business uses to manage itself and to make itself more competitive. Wherever the data is, whether it is inside an Oracle database or a MySQL or SQL database, somebody has to own it. Somebody has to keep it healthy, safe and secure because the business needs it.

There are Oracle DBAs who say they want nothing to do with it, and SQL Server DBAs who say the same thing. Well grow up! Put your big boy or big girl pants on and own the dataverse because if you don’t own it, somebody else will.

Frankly, as a DBA you have the right skills within your skill set to do it correctly and protect the business from itself. (If you need a little help with it we have plenty of people at Ntirety who are familiar with the dataverse and can help). But more importantly – if you care about your business and you understand that it needs data to leverage to make it smarter and stronger, own the dataverse! The bottom line is that the dataverse is out there, it exists, your business is using it and leveraging it, and YOU should own it.