Your organization makes business decisions based on solid data.  With the rise in the amount of data, it’s not exactly simple to visualize and gain clear insights from it.  To generate useful business intelligence from the unstructured data requires some application development.  This means your team may actually need to learn new scripting and/or programming language to interact with different data sources.

Microsoft SQL Server 16 comes with advanced analytics tools built-in, allowing your organization to perform data analysis from structured and unstructured data sources, using industry standard scripting.  The new analytics tools allow the extraction of vital information and create up-to-date and informative data visualization with an intuitive interface.  This saves time and empowers your organization to make important data-driven business decisions without taking the data offline.

Here are some example of use cases by industry:

Financial – Real-time fraud detection; financial forecasting; transaction trends

Government – Federal Reserve, NASA, Homeland Security

Healthcare – CDC, FDA

Manufacturing & Resources – Efficiency trends, breakdown predictive monitoring, just-in-time inventory trends

Retail & Consumer Goods – Consumer transaction trends, inventory tracking and analysis, consumer behavior

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