Database Assessment

Look deep into your databases to find ways for improvement

Understanding your database environment starts with accepting the risks and opportunities your databases face. We help you gain that understanding, with a range of assessments across a number of factors.

At Ntirety, we have been conducting Ndepth Database Assessments – you can think of them as database health checks – for many years. And we’ve found some disturbing trends. For example, when assessing SQL Server instances, our experts have discovered that:


failed the Disaster Recovery review


failed the SQL Server Configuration review


failed the Database Maintenance review


failed the Security review


failed the Database Backup review

This is a problem that can be fixed. The first step is finding out what issues your databases are facing, and then setting a plan to improve them. That is where Ndepth Database Assessments come in. We offer 6 types of assessments:

Ndepth Core Database Assessment

Our Ndepth Core Database Assessment quickly identifies the biggest areas of potential risk in your database environment so that proper steps can be taken to remove those risks and put you on the path to Database Nirvana. From Configuration and Recoverability, to Maintenance and Security, this assessment effectively covers all the major aspects of your databases

Ndepth Database Performance Assessment

Our Performance Assessment looks at all critical components and also digs into database performance, focusing on Indexes to make sure that your database performance isn’t dragging down the overall performance of your applications. We look at elements like index usage statistics, missing and unused indexes, and index hot spots to assess whether your databases can be taken to a higher level of performance.

Ndepth Advanced Database/Application Performance Assessment

With this Advanced Performance Assessment, we conduct an in-depth analysis of database best practices, index usage, SQL code performance and growth modeling for existing database infrastructure in order to coax out the root cause of application performance issues. Ultimately, we gain insight into whether the current server specifications are right for your current workload and determine the resources you need for future growth.

Ndepth Database Virtualization Assessment

Virtualization provides an excellent alternative to physical infrastructure. Our Database Virtualization Assessment gives you all the insight and information needed to know where to start a Virtualization project. It puts you on the path to create an implementation plan for database virtualization. Our assessment goes beyond just looking at underlying architecture, and includes a thorough review of the actual databases in your environment, for a more complete evaluation.

Ndepth Database Version Upgrade Assessment

Our Version Upgrade Assessment answers key questions: is upgrading to the latest database versions right for you, and can your environment handle the requirements of the latest versions? Benefits of upgrading are many, including gains in performance, reliability, security, functionality. And we can assess and put in place the right planning, preparation, and upgrade steps to make the upgrade process simpler, faster, and more predictable from start to finish.

Ndepth Database Security Assessment

Our Security Assessment is a best practice review of your IT environment, configurations, and all parameters at the database, instance, and operating system level to provide best practice recommendations and remediation services to detect a breach, prevent threats, and protect and preserve the integrity of your data. There is nothing that provides more peace of mind than protecting your databases, and entire IT infrastructure, from unauthorized access and advanced threats to ensure data integrity, privacy, and security.