To achieve greater business results, reach for the cloud.

Ntirety offers a full suite of cloud database managed services to migrate, manage, and monitor your database(s) in a private, hybrid, or public cloud environment including Microsoft Azure®, Amazon® Web Services (AWS), and

Whether your organization is in the beginning stages of DB cloud deployment or your databases already reside in the cloud, Ntirety provides custom services to meet your specific needs and ensure optimum database performance, access, protection, compliance, availability, and scalability.

DBA in the Cloud

Ntirety Brings Expertise in Both Public and Private Cloud Environments

With Ntirety’s deep understanding of the cloud, its team can help guide you to optimize your cloud database solutions across the entire data lifecycle. Best yet, Ntirety’s strategic partnerships with public and private cloud vendors offers you the option to store your databases in market-leading cloud environments and reap the benefits of Ntirety’s services.

Ntirety is expert in database cloud deployment in Microsoft Azure® and Amazon® Web Services (AWS) — specifically Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) and Amazon Elastic Cloud Computer (EC2). Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Ntirety brings the expertise to deploy, manage, and optimize your databases, wherever they reside.

Ntirety also provides cloud database services to organizations that choose HOSTING Unified Cloud™. HOSTING Unified Cloud is offered by Ntirety’s parent company, HOSTING — a cloud industry leader that delivers secure, compliant, always-on cloud solutions that help you increase revenues, reduce expenses, and manage risk.

When AWS, Azure, and other leading cloud platforms fall short by not providing essential security, compliance, and support resources, HOSTING Unified Cloud bridges these solution gaps by combining the flexibility and scalability of the industry’s top platforms with the industry’s top managed services. The result is ONE Partner | ONE View — end-to-end support and visibility into the health and wellness of applications, security and compliance postures, and billing and spend management.

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Ntirety Cloud Service Offerings

Managed Services for Cloud Databases — Your database(s) reside in a private or public cloud but you want to offload management responsibilities to a third party. With Ntirety Cloud Database Services, you have the ultimate flexibility to choose the cloud infrastructure you prefer — the Ntirety Cloud, AWS, Azure, or HOSTING Unified Cloud — and the level to which you want to manage it.

Data Migration to the Cloud — The complexity of the cloud environment dictates how to migrate databases to the cloud and Ntirety has developed procedures and processes to facilitate migration to the cloud in any scenario. Whether your cloud migration is simple or complex, Ntirety offers the services you need.

Extending the Data Center to the Cloud —  Your organization is not ready to discard your existing on-premise data center but you want to extend to the cloud. Ntirety provides services to extend your existing data center(s) — using a low-level, private connection (e.g., Level 3) — to your private cloud, AWS, Azure, HOSTING Unified Cloud, or any combination. Ntirety has built hybrid cloud environments and can help with the architecture and implementation of these environments, whether the target is a HOSTING hybrid cloud or your own data center direct to Amazon or Azure.

Temporary/Disposable Databases in the Cloud — Your IT team needs to perform proofs of concept or testing but doesn’t have the equipment for these types of short-term projects. Ntirety provides a cloud offering to store and manage temporary or disposable cloud database(s). This is a monthly, database-level offering and does not require a full database instance.

Backing up to the Cloud — You have your own data center or co-located facility but you don’t have enough space for backing up your data, or your retention strategy requires you to store your backups offsite for added protection. Ntirety can provision your backups in its cloud environment and provide the services you need to ensure your data is protected. Alternatively, Ntirety can architect a strategy to back up to Amazon or Azure storage directly.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud — Ntirety provides a hybrid cloud offering that supports cold, warm, and hot disaster recovery. You can do block-level replication changes only to the cloud or have a database instance in a warm stand-by mode in the cloud, and so on. Your target DR location can be a dormant virtual machine (VM) instance, a standby instance, or an active-read-accessible instance.

Database Consulting — Ntirety’s Database Consulting Services provide your business with a cohesive cloud database strategy to standardize your architecture, ensure compliance, mitigate risk, deliver more predictable system performance, and reduce total cost of ownership.

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The Advantages to Your Business

Ntirety Cloud Database Managed Services provide your business with a cohesive database strategy to simplify the migration, on-going management, and monitoring of your databases in a hybrid, private, or public cloud to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), increase your return on investment (ROI), and improve database performance, access, protection, compliance, availability, and scalability. Here is a sampling of the benefits you can realize with Ntirety’s cloud database services:

  • Speed up migration — Ntirety’s services eliminate the “uh oh” situations that come with inexperience and not understanding the challenges associated with developing and executing cloud database strategies.
  • Exploit AWS and Azure — With Ntirety, you get the advantages of AWS and Azure and also get high-quality, timely managed services.
  • Ensure optimum database performance — Ntirety’s Database Governance Services proactively monitors, analyzes, and reviews your database ecosystem to discover and assess its health, plan and execute remediation, and ensure database optimization and maximum performance.
  • Ensure predictable performance — Analyzing and tuning each data set to match the workflow characteristics helps ensure the most predictable cloud database and application performance.
  • 100 percent PCI and HIPAA audit assurance guarantee —HOSTING Assured Tier Compliance Services guarantee 100 percent audit assurance or HOSTING will provide the additional investments necessary to achieve compliance.
  • Reduce database TCO — Achieve up to a 50 percent database consolidation ratio, reducing IT management efforts and database license costs.
  • Mitigate risk — Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your cloud databases are protected, secure, and private.