Ntirety in The News

Ntirety Partners with Libring for Big Data Solutions

Ntirety has partnered with the Big Data specialists at Libring to provide Marketing Optimization solutions.

Fluent in data, Libring’s experienced MIT-trained data scientists and highly skilled marketing experts, with combined experience in marketing  analytics, business development and client services, bring together the science of analytics and the art of building a fine-tuned strategy to optimize marketing expenditures.

Professionals and companies are bombarded by a massive amount of data that results in information overload impossible to assimilate. Libring offers solutions to minimize the effort in data analysis in order to streamline decision-making.

Libring helps organizations identify the best way to spend their marketing budget. Libring solutions enable Marketers to have a better understanding of how the components of online and offline marketing activities contribute to business results. Libring analyzes data collected from all available internal and external sources (sales, customer service, marketing actions, market conditions, etc.) to help uncover what really works.

Originally founded as a database services company, Ntirety was created to ease the burden of database administration and maintenance on beleaguered IT departments. With more and more data becoming available to companies and the complexity of managing and using it constantly increasing, Ntirety has evolved into a full-fledged data services company – the Total Data Experts.

“The Libring/Ntirety partnership helps us deliver the services and solutions our clients are looking for, ranging from data infrastructure to advance data analytics”,  said Andrew Sherman, Chief Operating Officer at Ntirety and Marcelo Ballestiero, Chief Executive Officer of Libring, in a joint announcement.  “Our clients are asking us to cover both the maintenance and management of relational databases and, at the same time, exploit the opportunities of unstructured data and new tools and capabilities for analytics.”