Hiring a full-time DBA is expensive. For many organizations their DBA is often maintaining the database as a side job while they work on other more critical IT projects. The question comes down to do you need a DBA in-house and/or can you afford a full-time DBA? The answer will depend entirely on your company’s current, and future, organizational and database needs.

Remote DBA vs. In-House DBA

An in-house DBA is a great option if your organization has the money to spend, can afford to hire off-hours and on-call talent, and is located in an area where it is easy to find top talent. It is most often not a viable solution for many small to mid-sized companies. With this in mind, there are at least three reasons that you should hire a remote DBA over an in-house DBA.

Reason #1: Your company is experiencing all, a few, or one of the following issues

If your organization is experiencing any of the issues listed below, then it is time that you hired a remote DBA. A remote DBA can help you to save money, while simultaneously implementing effective disaster and backup recovery support, improving database functionality, and helping your business to grow.

  • Recurring performance issues.
  • Rapidly growing IT infrastructure, without the means to support the continued growth patterns
  • Trouble finding highly qualified DBAs.
  • Managing multiple remote locations, where the top talent does not live nor can easily access on a day to day basis
  • Suffering through reliability and database stability issues
  • Inability to properly conduct patch management and database upgrades
  • Maintaining multiple database platforms that all require management and maintenance

Reason 2: Struggling to Retain DBA

Have you had trouble hiring or retaining database administrators? If you answered “yes,” then you are not alone. Many companies struggle to retain in-house DBAs because the need for top quality talent keeps changing year-over-year. The reason for these changes is due to a number of factors.

  • Databases grow an average 3 – 5 times their size every three years, which makes it hard for an in-house DBA to retain the skill set needed to accommodate the additional growth.
  • Databases need 24/7 support.
  • Technology continues to become more complex as databases continue to grow.
  • Security threats abound, requiring a larger body of knowledge to safely mitigate risks.
  • Solid database administration skills can take years to acquire, which means that your organization’s needs might quickly outgrow the skill set of an in-house DBA, thus causing them to “jump ship.”

Reason 3: Location is key

When you want to hire an in-house DBA, where your business is physically located has a major impact on your ability to hire the right person. However, a remote DBA doesn’t need to worry about physical business locations. By eliminating this restriction you are able to hire database administrators that are most likely more talented and more educated than your potential in-house candidates.

Database Services Solutions

If you have ever struggled with the budget and talent challenges that come with maintaining and managing your database services to remain secure and accessible 24/7, then you need to consider hiring a remote DBA. Ntirety is a full-fledged data services company, the Total Data Experts, whose team of DBAs works diligently to ease the burden of database administration and maintenance on beleaguered IT departments. Ntirety provides the experience and flexibility you need has experts in every area, from database assessments and capacity planning to production DBA work; from performance tuning to database consolidation and virtualization; from data warehouse development to business intelligence and big data consulting.