Your database environment is the heart of your organization. When it’s running efficiently, your employees and your customers are satisfied. But how can you be certain you’re optimized for success? Taking a deep look under the covers can help find ways to continue improving your environment.

Ntirety has uncovered some disturbing common database trends based on years of database assessment data:

  • 90% of database environments fail the Disaster Recovery review
  • 88% of database environments fail the SQL Server Configuration review
  • 88% of database environments fail the Database Maintenance review
  • 40% of database environments fail the Security review
  • 39% of database environments fail the Database Backup review

These are serious database health issues. By taking the initiative to identify these potential issues in your environment, you can identify the biggest areas of risk, and implement a plan to remove those risks to get you back on the path to a healthy environment.

If the heart of your organization is running slow, checking into performance health can help you to identify index statistics, missing and unused. Can your heart be working stronger?

Other health factors to consider include looking at generic database best practices, SQL code performance and growth modeling for existing database infrastructure. These factors can help locate some key health issues within your environment and help identify needs to support for future growth.

Ntirety offers a variety of database assessments to make sure your database environment is healthy.

Watch this video to find out more: