Even with increasing data volumes and complexity, thinking you don’t need a full time DBA may be counter-intuitive.  However, reality is, you may not need a full DBA, you just need certain DBA services and not all of the time.

Industry trends have aided in minimizing DBA’s roles including:

  • Improved database tools
  • Bundling of databases with business applications
  • IT budget cuts

Applications are becoming easier to set up without a specific skill set.  Applications are coming bundled with support offerings.  The support offerings may fall short of what is actually required to effectively manage and optimize a database.

When IT budgets are to be considered, maybe half a DBA is the answer.  Effectively, half a DBA allows you to have a DBA that can handle production work and be on-call for off-hours emergency support.  This helps reduce the risk of DBA burn-out.

This is just a sample of how Half A DBA might be right for your organization, to learn more download Ntirety’s whitepaper Half a DBA.