Jim Haas, Ntirety’s VP of Managed Services, took 5 minutes to talk about the multitude of skill sets required by a DBA to perform core database functions.  Finding these skill sets in a single DBA or even a small amount can be challenging.  There may be times when you need the skills of database architect vs. high availability vs. disaster recovery vs. implementation skills.  You may end up with only a portion of these skills, creating a “half a DBA” scenario or even over-hiring to cover all of your gaps.

Get the full story from Jim here: https://www.ntirety.com/videos/dba-skill-set/

Ntirety manages a database environment by taking a team-based approach to Database Administration. We have multiple DBAs on hand, each with a specific skill set.  This enables Ntirety to provide the services your database environment requires at a more affordable rate, versus opening your headcount to multiple DBAs to obtain the required skills in house.

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