Microsoft SQL Server has proved to be an excellent relational database engine, especially for the most demanding business critical applications within the largest of enterprises.  But, is Microsoft SQL Server effectively helping organizations achieve their goals?

Ntirety has reviewed thousands of databases across various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, financial services, banking, government agencies, and sports franchises.  These companies range in size from 100+ employees to tens of thousands of employees, and all had or were in the process of deploying SQL Server relational database management systems.

Ntirety assessed instances and uncovered common issues to the deployments and maintenance that, if not addressed, could become very serious disruptions.

The findings:

  • 90% failed the disaster recovery review
  • 88% failed the configuration review
  • 88% failed the database maintenance review
  • 40% failed the security review
  • 39% failed the database backup review

Download our eBook.  It discusses the findings in details and provides suggestions on how your organization can ensure a successful deployment of SQL Server databases.