What you don’t know about your database(s) CAN hurt your business. You may not be showing any symptoms of database problems. In fact, all can be humming along and then suddenly disaster strikes. Your database goes down and your business comes to a screeching halt.

Ntirety has produced an eBook that discusses Database Governance, including what can happen to break your database(s) and what you can do to mitigate the risk of an unknown or unanticipated event occurring and negatively impacting your business.

Database Governance is a phased approach that includes:

  • Database Discovery
  • Assessment
  • Analysis and Review
  • Roadmap Design
  • Execution
  • Ongoing Management

Ntirety can provide your business with a cohesive database strategy to standardize your architecture, ensure compliance, mitigate risk, deliver more predictable system performance, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

For more information, download Ntirety’s latest eBook: Database Governance: The Next Step in Database Optimizaiton