Regardless of industry, location, or company size, no business is immune to the evolving threat of cybercrime as attacks become more sophisticated and well-funded. 

But are you fully aware of the different dangers that exist and how to combat them?

Tune in to listen to Chris Riley, our white hat, and Jason Bingo, our black hat, as they take you through the evolving threat landscape (including how hackers got their start), the big business & motivations behind some of today's biggest cyberthreats and mitigation tactics in this engaging point, counterpoint discussion.

Meet your Hosts

Jason Bingo, Vice President of Sales (US East), Ntirety
Representing black hats

Leading by example, Jason ensures Ntirety provides clients with partnership, guidance, thought leadership, and peace of mind for their business IT. Always staying current through a technology leadership career spanning more than 20 years Jason holds several AWS and network security certifications, further contributing to the expertise of the Ntirety organization. 

Chris Riley, Chief Information Security Officer, Ntirety

Representing white hats

 As CISO, Chris is responsible for the security strategy and implementation to guard clients and our company from threats. Chris lead Ntirety to achieve compliance attestation for PCI, SOC 1, 2, & 3 and HIPAA in 2019. He’s dedicated to transforming complex problems into effective controls to drive revenue growth with managed service offerings for both Security and Compliance. 

The Competition for Cybersecurity