Business growth, competition, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, agility and financial reasons are major drivers sending organizations of all sizes to search for Cloud Service Providers.  Finding the right provider for your needs can be a challenge.  Here are five common challenges you should consider and questions to ask your prospective CSPs to address these challenges.

Infrastructure Migration

You’re busy, you don’t have the time, money or resources to migrate existing applications to the cloud.  A CSP can help; you should ask:

  • How do you size my environment so I am not overspending?
  • Can you show me documented steps for a successful migration?
  • How is status delivered through migration?


Your data is sensitive.  You have regulatory standards to comply with and finding a trustworthy provider is important.  You should ask prospective CSPs for:

  • Industry specific customer references that you may speak with
  • Examples of how a provider can support your specific requirements
  • Information on the compliance standards of the CSP and what are their certifications
  • Offered security services and how they are supported

Additional Capacity

How do you know if you need less or more capacity for your users?  Find out how CSPs manage capacity related issues:

  • How do I measure capacity so I can be proactive?
  • How is the CSP going to manage capacity so resources can be changed dynamically?

New Application Deployment

Deploying a cloud resource should not interfere with current developer tasks and workload. You’ll want to know:

  • How do I get my cloud resources quickly and accurately?
  • What architecture does the CSP environment use to ensure performance and availability?
  • What is the roadmap to keep pace with technology changes?
  • How can my company benefit from CSP automation tools such as self-service portal or API?

Disaster Recovery

You may not have the same recovery requirement for all of your applications.  You will want to know what your options are:

  • What levels or self- vs. managed services are offered for DR?
  • What testing processes are used to make sure the DR plans are accurate?
  • What is the SLA on recovery of applications?
  • How do I get help executing my DR plan when needed?

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