Recently, Ntirety President, Michael Corey gave a presentation at the Data Summit in New York City with Don Sullivan of VMware.  Their session covered recent cloud trends, lessons learned by notable industry outages (Netflix, Amazon, and Reddit), and what these trends and best practices mean to you as you may migrate to the cloud.  Michael wrote a blog post about it, which you can read at:

At the conclusion of the presentation, there is a helpful checklist for choosing a cloud provider:

Engagement Model

  • Check references (Try to get 3 blind references)
  • Can the Cloud Partner state your business problem


  • Can you add and delete services as needed
  • What is the Brokers % of revenue from each cloud platform
  • Do your security, compliance, database & other services work across cloud platforms


  • When was the last sustained cloud wide outages
  • Is there a proposed architecture sufficiently diversified to mitigate risk
  • How is your availability SLA superior to your competitors


  • Single pane of glass to manage it all
  • Do they offer single bill for all services
  • Singe monitoring and alerting platform


  • What are you published recovery stats
  • Establish SLA’s with real penalties for failure
  • How many instances/VM under replication
  • What hypervisor is being used

Security & Compliance

  • What industry certifications do you have – SOC2, MSP/Clloud Verfiy, PCI…
  • Do services like security, database services work across platforms


  • How is the support team structured and bonused
  • Any quality measurement programs, net promoter score (NPS)
  • What is your emergency response process
  • What is your post-emergency response process (root cause analysis)

Again, the full presentation is available by going to Michael’s blog:

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