The Future of Cloud Computing: Top 10 Trends to Watch in 2020

Cloud computing’s past, present, and future are the subjects of countless business and technology discussions—and the upcoming year is no exception. It is the dawn of a new decade of IT innovation, fueled by all the advances made in 2019, with pivotal predictions in what lies on the horizon for the cloud. With Ntirety’s expert cloud insights, examine on what top trends to watch—and start preparing for—in the new year.

1. A Down Economy Will Drive More Automation and an End to Cloud Sprawl

Economics is an eternal partner to cloud computing. Some people predict either a total or selective economic downturn, with businesses increasingly driving processes to cloud technologies and leveraging automation to enable business initiatives and reduce costs. Whether a sustained downturn is inevitable or not, these economics are a natural part of the cloud computing landscape, meaning automation, better cloud technologies, and transformation are inherent business topics. During the 2008 downturn, cloud saw its fastest adoption, and 2020 wil be not much different.

By the same economic token, many businesses will take a hard look at cloud sprawl, seeking strategic consolidations, better management, and efficiencies across multiple products. Reporting, metrics, and contract evaluations should peak under these conditions. Technology leaders will recognize the exposure, waste, and redundancies in cloud sprawl, inviting opportunities to clean things up.

2. More Cloud, More “Hacks”

We all know that the cloud is growing, and the volume of global data is on track to hit 175 Zettabytes by 2025.1 That’s a statistic, not a prediction, but we can be sure that wherever data goes, hackers will follow. As we’ve seen in a number of high-profile security incidents, security issues are less technical than they are exploitative of human error. Knowing this, we can predict that hackers will go after cloud misconfigurations at a more rapid pace.

3. Big Compliance Efforts

We’ve seen case after case where rapid technologies produce compliance and security issues. Touching on cloud growth (and sprawl), a big compliance and governance effort is a certain destiny for many organizations. The first sea of change started when the European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules in 2018. Similarly, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will take effect on Jan. 1, 2020. As cloud gains massive prominence in our society, compliance and security will continue to impact the landscape in a big way.

4. Cloud Nomads Will Be Prevalent

Cloud is becoming increasingly strategic, and the consumption of cloud technology is a focal point for enterprises. Cloud usage is growing along with the costs, so it makes sense that organizations will pursue long-term, price-conscious relationships with major vendors, moving workloads from one vendor to the next. The technology is there, but to reach maximum efficiency as well as hybrid innovation, they will have to balance costs, with available skills with risk.

5. Business Agility Will Go Beyond “Cloud-First”

The currency of business agility and innovation centers on nimble cloud characteristics. Uninterrupted global reach, elastic scalability, productivity, quality of service, and resilient architecture are just some of the agile hallmarks of public and hybrid clouds. Cloud acceleration is a certainty, and there will be many organizations that will wish to go beyond first-stage cloud from the gates.

6. Rising Decentralization

The “four walls” concept of security and integrity will inch closer toward becoming defunct. Like a growing number of legacy IT tenets, this strategy is ineffective, insecure, and not scalable. Decentralizing data and application sets from on-premise to instead be spread throughout cloud zones ensures availability and reduces risks. Blockchain technology exemplifies the security value of decentralization by eliminating the risks of centralized administrator control of data that can easily leave the door open for hackers.

7. The Emergence of Cloud Industry Consolidation

2019 saw various brands and products transitioned, merged, and re-emerged with a refreshed business focus, product services, and alignment. 2020 outlooks show that major cloud providers will continue to consolidate, consuming smaller infrastructure players along the way and innovating with new solutions. A new cloud industry is also emerging with the arrival of expert cloud agnostic partners, which provide all the services that implement, manage, and leverage major cloud technologies and innovations.

8. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Meets Blockchain

Converging on a hybrid cloud near you this upcoming year, AI and blockchain technologies are poised to meet. AI has proven its worth in real-world scenarios and it’s the perfect complement to blockchain, which is known for its limitation on scaling and somewhat less-than-real-time nature. Blockchain features immutable ledger benefits and a decentralized nature, so it only makes sense that AI has the potential to fill gaps, enhancing security within blockchain-based applications, scalability, and speed.

9. Cloud Talent Drought

Businesses are going to feel more crunched for the expertise to meet their cloud and IT expansion goals. As technologies continue to evolve at record pace, keeping skill sets up to date will become a challenge, especially on enterprise-scale. Organizations will put IT talent attraction and development higher on their priority list, and many will turn to outsourcing to meet demand—or start putting in consideration for consolidation with other providers to create larger knowledge pools.

10. Hybrid and Edge Clouds for Streaming Media

The use cases surrounding the incredible cloud consumption required by streaming media services all revolve on the delicate balance of intelligent resources, capacity planning, and geographical distribution. As greater quantities of richer media come online for consumption, the benefits of hybrid and edge technologies will save companies significant amounts of money and help the bottom line. The use cases tell a compelling story—one that we will surely hear more of in the upcoming year.

Just the Beginning

As 2020 shapes up to be another incredible year of rapid changes for the IT industry, it is important to keep in mind the necessary resources and know-how to harness the power of the latest innovation. With no signs of slowing down, there are ample opportunities for businesses to embrace evolving technologies to become the future-ready enterprises today.

Is your enterprise prepared for the opportunities⁠—and threats—that are possible in 2020? Schedule a consultation today.

The 2019 Cloud Trends in Review: A Building Boom

We are closing out another big year in cloud computing. The trends in 2019 show an entirely new pace of cloud adoption throughout organizations of all types, featuring all the milestones you’d expect, including growth, partnerships, and so on—but adoption was accelerated and tectonic shifts happened in emerging cloud components from containers, to edge, to government adoption of cloud.

Containers Reach Two-Thirds of Enterprises

While cloud containers are a relatively new cloud feature—for instance, Docker just celebrating its fifth year—it has achieved significant enterprise adoption. Industry reports show that containers and container management systems, such as Kubernetes, have reached up to two-thirds of the enterprise market, creating a tech adoption explosion for this new technology.

On-Prem Impact

Signs of a decline in on-premise computing continue to pop up with various reports showing that public and hybrid cloud spending grew in 2019 at the expense of on-premise expenditures. Cloud growth is eating legacy data centers’ lunch and smiling about it. Even as some vendors claim on-premise repatriation, the changes are clear.

Data on the Edge

Edge computing is transforming the IT landscape right before our eyes. The concept of edge computing is characterized by a fundamental shift in data and application strategy, using the cloud as a foundation and driving data in proximity to the point of consumption. Through these changes, every point of the data experience will conform to that shift, including applications, data, storage, and networking.

While edge computing is only in use for 10% of enterprise data now, a Gartner forecast report indicates that by 2025 more than 75% of corporate data will be on edge computing outside of on-premise data centers. With 5G networks just on the way, yet another ingredient of a coming adoption boom is just around the corner.

Government Cloud

Another affirmation of global cloud adoption, the Department of Defense (DoD), as well as other major government agencies, charged full speed ahead toward cloud initiatives. While there were many cloud projects commissioned throughout the year, the massive $10 billion JEDI DoD cloud computing contract made the biggest headlines.

As new capabilities come into the government’s technological potential, outdated notions of slow responding, inefficient government IT departments will start to diminish. Beyond savings and capital expenditure, the current mission tone focuses on rapid development for platforms to introduce security, speed of deployment, performance, scale, and edge capabilities. More than ever, the cloud is the government’s technology path forward.

Industry Consolidation

2019 proved a continuing cloud horse race is here, seeing various brands and products transitioned, merged, and re-emerged with a refreshed business focus, product services, and alignment. Driven by the needs of the modern enterprise in a rapidly moving world of cloud options, this pivot is a harbinger of continuing consolidation within the industry. The monolithic mega-clouds are growing, along with an ecosystem of cloud-agnostic managed service providers that provide unique services focused on enterprises.

Our own company went through a significant transformation this year to better deliver comprehensive enterprise cloud solutions, starting with our merger of Hostway and Hosting and followed by the launch of our new brand, Ntirety. Growing stronger together for our clients and teams, Ntirety proactively reduces risk and optimizes costs to help businesses evolve into future-ready, agile enterprises.

Security Is King

Big names businesses have suffered from data breaches and ransomware attacks in 2019, a trend that can affect organizations of all sizes and industries—and one that will continue in the year ahead. The ever-growing threat of ransomware plagues the industry and disproportionately affects organizations that don’t have the investment potential to protect their systems through strategy, teams, and technology fully.

In addition to outside attacks, cloud storage misconfigurations continue to result in data leaks. Companies also struggle with the management of privileged and root account usage, implementing strong identity and access management policies, and visibility into their cloud-based/on-premise systems, even on technologies that have these features built-in.

This past year has shown us that there is a lot of room for cybersecurity improvement across the board and that enterprises need to be more proactive in their data protection.

What It All Means

As the year comes to a close, it is clear that most established organizations are in the cloud already, or are using hybrid, multi-cloud products. At this moment, performance and optimization innovations in the cloud set the stage for cloud adoption acceleration. You now can take your pick of technology features—AI, scalability, machine learning, containerization, edge computing, high-performance computing, big data, the list goes on—or you can choose them all to make hybrid cloud a reality.

How “Cloud-First” Became a Cliché

Cloud-first has been a common enterprise mantra for the last decade, but Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh sees a more beneficial IT approach emerging. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Sayegh sees hybrid cloud and multi-cloud models creating a more adaptive application-first stance, and he shares his insights in an article for AI and Machine Learning Tech Brief, “How ‘Cloud-First’ Became a Cliché.”

“Being smart about the cloud means using its benefits correctly,” explains Sayegh. “According to your business, your users, and your applications.”

Read his full article and see what advantages this next evolution of the cloud holds for enterprises »

A Thanksgiving Message of Gratitude

As 2019 comes to a close, I want to take a special moment to say thank you to our loyal clients, supportive partners, and all of the Ntirety employees around the world. While the Thanksgiving holiday is officially celebrated primarily in North America, I believe the universal message of genuine gratitude really transcends boundaries, countries, and time zones.

Let us take this wonderful opportunity to look back at the year and give thanks for all of the blessings given to us.

The Support of Our Clients and Partners

I am deeply grateful for our clients and partners, old and new. From Hostway, Hosting, and now Ntirety, our entire company appreciates the patience and faith our clients showed during the merger and rebrand—nothing would be possible without the loyalty and support of all of you. My hope is that our gratitude is made evident through our deepened commitment to customer service and the delivery of comprehensive, future-ready solutions.

Successfully Transforming into Ntirety

I am extraordinarily thankful that we completed the merger of Hostway and Hosting successfully and unveiled our exciting rebrand as Ntirety. By proactively tackling the challenges of a major merger, we accomplished it in an incredible nine-month timeframe. It has been so amazing to see all of us come together as one united team through the merger and rebrand.

Growing Stronger and Expanding

2019 has been a year of growth as we brought many valuable clients to the Ntirety family and look forward to welcoming many more in the upcoming year. Further, we’ve experienced strong employee growth. Every month I continue to see many new faces joining our team, working alongside our dedicated Ntirety veterans. The business is stronger thanks to the hard work and intense collaboration from multiple stakeholders.

Reflecting on 2019 and Looking Ahead at 2020

As expected with any major merger, we have experienced growing pains in 2019. But no year is ever without them. We look forward to all of us working to be better employees, husbands, wives, parents, partners, and human beings, striving to make our distinct mark on this world.

For those team members in the US, please enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving, and I equally thank everyone for all your hard work whether you are in any of our locations in Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Korea, or the USA.

Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving,

Emil Sayegh, CEO and President, Ntirety

Behind the Scenes of the Merging and Rebranding of Ntirety

Leading up to the announcement of our rebrand on September 10ththere was a great effort at Ntirety to merge two great companies together and create something that the industry has never seen. After nine months of grueling focus and hard work, I’d like to offer you a peek behind the scenes on what it took to get here.  

What’s In a Name?

The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in every facet of society. Quite often, the first piece of information we hear about a person or company is their name, and people are quick to form judgements based off a monikerThat’s why it was important for us to pick a name our people could get behind and that we were comfortable letting current and potential customers hear first.  

Ntirety was a carefully chosen name; it evokes the fact that we strive to deliver the entirety of business solutions for our customers. Moving forward as Ntirety, we are the only Managed Solutions Provider (MSP) that contractually guarantees business. This is achieved via our proprietary Guidance Level Agreements (GLAs), which proactively reduce risks and optimize costs through a process of continuous improvements 

Each of our customers is somewhere on their journey to a cloud state, integrating a mix of services, platforms and infrastructure. Every client enters the picture with a line-of-business (LOB) mission-critical need, and every environment is specialized and uniqueAt Ntirety, we helps our clients develop their ultimate operational state by producing actionable, continually improved objectives. Focused on improving reliability, minimizing risk, and enhancing security, these advisory tasks help refine and update the organization’s cloud and technology strategies. Further, we provide a range of infrastructure options combined with both professional and managed services to offer a complete, comprehensive solution. Ntirety transforms IT, enabling a future-ready, agile enterprise. Trusted. Proactive. Guaranteed.  

Merging Competitors Forge a New Bond

Before the merger, both Hostway and Hosting independently delivered outstanding hybrid cloud solutions to enterprise organizations. We both had customer-obsessed cultures, with enterprises relying on us to manage the “entirety” of their cloud environments. Sure, we were competitorsbut we were kindred competitors that fostered a healthy balance of rivalry and respect.  

Prior to the official announcement of the merger, a great deal of work had already begun. The ink on the deal hadn’t even dried before we knew where our attention should be focused nextA few of the high-level tasks included: 

  • Choosing the Senior Leadership team so there was no jockeying
  • Outlining integration goals at offsite meetings before the announcement
  • Forming Culture, Back Office Integration, and Software Consolidation Teams, plus a Data Center Integration Task Force and an HR Tools Consolidation Working Group; each team would provide a high-level weekly progress report with one team offering a deeper dive into their work each week
  • Fully defining our mission with the help of leaders and employees
  • Determining our values via input from our “Culture Crews”
  • Providing frequent updates to our customers in blogs and newsletters:
  • Establishing this new brand and new culture within our own company

We went public with these changes on September 10th, 2019—nine months time almost to the day! It was an epic forging of two cultures into one, aided by holistic outstrategydetailed plan, excellence in execution, the best team in the business, and of course a maniacal focus on our customers 

United as Ntirety

Now that we’re united under the Ntirety brand, we look forward to delivering the strongest end-to-end managed multi-cloud and hybrid services with an uncompromising commitment to guaranteed business results and high-touch customer service. More than 3,200 clients and channel partners around the world count on the Ntirety team of over 1,000 employees. Let us know how we can help you, too. 


Enterprise IT Needs To Move Faster With Less Risk

An edict to go to the cloud can be a blessing, but it can also mean massive challenges. Adapting to change is crucial to success, but CIOs and enterprise IT in general lack the expertise and resources to embark on a wellrationalized and wellexecuted cloud journeyMost importantly, enterprise IT lacks the time needed to facilitate evolution within their organization.

Even more experienced IT teams come across significant issues when they try to go it alone:  

  • Business Risk: As evidenced by the myriad of compliance and security issues that make the news—and those that don’t! 
  • Downtime: Spending numerous days and hours resolving issues can be especially taxing when issues happen in off-hours as most IT teams are not built for continuous 24×7x365 operations. 
  • Opportunity Cost: An age-old issue,  IT spends its time on maintenance and basic tasks instead of advancing the company cause and mission, leading top execs to perceive the IT team as non-strategic.
  • Incorrect Cloud Adoption: Having the wrong cloud mix, and in some cases, exhibiting an inability to execute a flawless move to the cloud. 
  • Lack of Alignment: IT moves too slow for line-of-business. 
  • Cloud Sprawl: Too many platforms and technologies could be pushing high consumption costs back into operating budgets. 
  • Mounting Expenses: Exhibited by unpredictable costs and wasted resources. 

The will to reach a cloud state is a good thing, but the landscape of possibilities is virtually endlessIT departments are short-staffed, facing a lack of time and up against a full spectrum of security threats. 

How Cloud Gets Done Today 

Cloud technologies are incredibly simple to consume. Shop. Click. Order. Pay. Boom—you’re in the cloud. This simplicity betrays the strategic and purpose-built nature of serious workloads on cloud services. Typically, a line of business application is planned and scaled to its most likely usage base, requirements are developed, and finally, the infrastructure is built around those requirements. That’s how everyone else in the business gets cloud technology up and running. It’s built once and they keep the engine running. 

Uncovering Hybrid 

Hybrid computing came along to fill a need to bridge two technological worlds together, leveraging cloud solutions with existing technologies. Designed around integration and security, hybrid cloud technologies help create a new IT fabric.  

The challenge of hybrid complexities lies in waita world of technical opportunities beset by an unending roster of features. Also, IT faces logistical, financial, and technical commitments to legacy applications and environments.  

How Ntirety Solves These Challenges 

Our approach is different. We focus on the customer by highlighting the business outcomes they want to get out of the cloud. Our approach centers on: 

  • Consultations during pre-sales and onboarding, plus ongoing customer support throughout the customer’s cloud journey 
  • Security and compliance specialization 
  • Agility to take legacy workloads and transition them to a cloud solution 
  • Hybrid cloud portfolio on dedicated/private and public cloud to serve complex and secure workloads 

No matter what business outcomes are requiredNtirety’s results are guaranteed through the industry’s first and only Guidance Level Agreements (GLAs) and our Ntirety Delivery Model™, offering continual improvements throughout all our services 

As an example, our Monitoring Insights Service combined with our GLAs enables our team to give actionable recommendations that cover cost savings, risk profile improvments and business agility enhancements.  Customers can rely on quarterly and yearly actionable recommendations to continually improve on their investments.  

You can’t find this type of proactivity on hyperscale platforms alone, and other cloud service providers simply aren’t positioned to provide guaranteed business outcomes 

Why WFormed Ntirety 

On September 10th, 2019, we did it. We united under our new identity, Ntirety, and it’s been quite a journey. More than just a name, the switch to Ntirety marks the emergence of a mission to take on the biggest challenges that exist in the world of information technology today. With a unique value proposition that stands alone in the industry, we are helping our customers move faster with less risk. Further, we are guaranteeing business outcomes by helping future-ready, agile enterprises reduce risk, optimize costs and improve their business agility. It’s a service that is always improving, always striving to deliver the best.  

Year after year, CIOs are forced to do more with less, balancing that which exists against the opportunities that are always evolving. Ntirety helps teams focus on value creation, creating optimized technology systems and unlocking their potential to overcome previously unbroached boundaries 

Across all available app infrastructures and despite layers and layers of separate management infrastructures, we reduce complexity. Meanwhile, we’re proactively tackling cybersecurity threats and compliance issues that keep CIOs up late at night.  When reliability and best practices are at risk, we help do things right.  

We’re obsessed with our customers, delivering global capabilities and solutions with unparalleled expertise. Cloud technologies offer a chance to transform business, but in order to take advantage of this, IT must move faster and reduce risks. Ntirety and it’s leading solution approach is the answer for enterprises. 

Curious about how GLAs guarantee business outcomes? Contact us now for a noobligation consultation. 


The Three Main Challenges of Merging Two Companies 

On September 10, 2019, we announced the natural next step of our merger and rebranded to Ntirety. We combined to form one of the largest managed cloud services platforms in the world, delivering ever-higher levels of service and solutions. We accomplished this task in an incredible nine-month timeframe thanks to hard work of our teamsIt may have looked simple from the outside, but in reality it was anything but easy.  

Taking two companies that were once competitors and forming a single company is a monumental task. Statistics suggest that more than 85% of mergers never reach their target objectives, and many are dismal failures. From the beginning, we knew this change was always going to be a challenge. It was foresight and planningcombined with hard workthat has so far ensured Ntirety remains a true exception to those statistics. At the core of this brand change is our mission to “enable business to move faster with less risk.”  

Challenge #1: Nurturing Change 

There are considerations to keep in mind during a merger, let alone one of this size. How are employees going to react? How will they work together? What are customers going to think? How do we manage apprehensions and create a cohesive culture?  

Fortunately, we had a vision to follow from the get-go, even before we had settled on a unified brand. We proactively assured customers that the new company would continue to be the absolute best in the business. Within our organization, we went to great strides to reach every single person and get their feedbackevery opinion counted. From the quietest folks to the most vocal individuals we aimed to find common ground between leadership and individual contributors alike about what this company could be and what role each of us could provide. We felt every voice had value, and we approached the rebrand from every angle possible, sharing goals, interests, and potential contributions. We then got to work building our brand the right way—and building it to last.  

Challenge #2This Was an Exhaustive—but Necessary—Process  

We are in a phase of the just over a decade-long cloud story where infrastructure has become increasingly commoditized while the demand for Managed Services has increased. Throughout this nine-month process, our combined team has developed new products and services, and they have established new ground 

in sophisticated and complex managed IT solutions. Flexibility, value and experience come together to provide secure, efficient, multi-disciplined solutions our customers need.

With our rich combined heritage, Ntirety has a lot to hang our hat on. Our touchstone achievements include advancements at scale, efficient computing, colocation, public cloud, and hybrid changes, and now Ntirety embarks on a new mission to deliver guaranteed business outcomes in highly compliant and mission-critical applications. This is achieved via our proprietary Guidance Level Agreements (GLAs). This process of continuous improvement proactively reduces risks and optimizes costs to enable the future-ready, agile enterprise. 

Challenge #3: Forging A New Bond 

The word transformation is thrown around freely within the technology business, but there isn’t a much better word to describe what’s happened at Ntirety. We are now one team moving forward, and while we revere the past, we look forward to creating and leading in an entirely new market.  This ninemonth integration experience has forged us together for good. We are now a team that has been tempered and toughened over our 20 years of experience, plus the past nine months of integration. I’m proud of our team and their contributions to this process, and I can tell every day that each employee has been shaped and strengthened in more capable versions of themselves.  

As Ntirety, our new merged organization is even better positioned to address the top enterprise IT challenges of security, costs, lack of IT resources, governance and multi-cloud complexity. There is no compromise in our commitment to customer service, or the focus on leading solutions for IT leaders and CIOs that are looking to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and increase business agility.  

Ready to meet our newly forged team? Contact us for a free consultation today. 

Hostway|Hosting is Now Ntirety!

Since announcing the Hostway and Hosting merger on January 8, 2019, our company has tirelessly worked to integrate and expand services to serve our clients and partners. This merger came about as the natural evolution to the enterprise organizations’ need for a service provider that offers comprehensive services and a solutions portfolio.

Today, after months of integrating our services, introducing new tools and welcoming new faces—while maintaining a steadfast commitment to our clients—we are proud to introduce our new name and brand: Ntirety.

Why Ntirety?

Pre-merger, Hostway and Hosting independently delivered outstanding hybrid and multi-cloud solutions to enterprise organizations with exceptional service powered by customer-obsessed cultures. Together as Ntirety, we have united to elevate those skills and services to the next level. I am proud to announce we now deliver the “entirety” of cloud and IT solutions to transform every client into the future-ready, agile enterprise they strive to be. Ntirety is the only Managed Solutions Provider that guarantees continuous improvements to proactively reduce risks and optimize costs.

At Ntirety, we believe that a name is only as good as the people that stand behind it. I truly believe in Team Ntirety, and truly believe that our people are the best in the industry, from cloud experts to account managers to operations administrators—as they all share an uncompromising commitment to our clients. By personally knowing each client’s infrastructure, applications, and team from end-to-end, we can deliver comprehensive and transformative solutions designed with each client’s business goals in mind.

Move Faster with Less Risk—Guaranteed

Only Ntirety provides the best guarantee in the industry for highly-compliant, mission-critical applications. As Ntirety, we approach business challenges by assessing, designing and delivering via our proprietary Ntirety Delivery Model™. We then go above and beyond by implementing a “continuous improvement” step that allows us to guarantee better business outcomes. Ultimately, we are the only Managed Service Provider that proactively delivers insights that enable enterprise IT to shift from tactical operations to business transformation.

The Ntirety Experience

We continue to build our portfolio of solutions and services to deliver on our mission of enabling business to move forward with less risk. Along with extensive information on our full services portfolio, the new Ntirety website provides insights on cloud technology, details on solution journeys, and more. Learn about upcoming events, or browse thought-leadership blog posts and resources.

Moving Forward as Ntirety

Witnessing Hostway and Hosting come together over the last few months makes me even more excited to see the amazing things our team will do under our new brand, Ntirety.

For a full list of answers to client questions about our new brand, please be sure to read our FAQ.

To learn more about changes happening across our organization, please read the official press release and keep an eye out for more updates on our expanding solutions portfolio.

To our valued clients, we invite you to share any questions with your dedicated account manager.

Our commitment to outstanding service and proactive solutions only grows stronger with our new name. Explore the new website to get a first look at Ntirety!

Building a Powerhouse: The Latest on the Hostway|Hosting Merger

Gartner predicts that “hybrid cloud is the foundation of digital business.” Further, they estimate that spend in the hybrid cloud market will reach $209 billion in 2019, growing to $317 billion by 2022. We decided to merge Hostway and Hosting to capitalize on this exact trend. This merger represents an opportunity for a “re-founding” moment for both Hostway and Hosting with opportunities to reach the mission our companies embarked on 20 years ago.  We wanted to create a combined company that offers complex managed cloud solutions spanning the entire lifecycle of customers’ digital transformation with the highest reputation for security and customer experience.

Source: Gartner.

It is said that the journey is sometimes more rewarding than the destination. The process of merging two companies towards a unified vision proves this every day. Together, Hostway and Hosting are forging a new history, driven by customer needs of building something unique. I am thrilled about this new future and all the benefits it will yield for customers, partners, and employees alike.

Expansion Meets Shifting Needs

Modern technology needs are rarely (if ever) met by just one service or another—it’s a complex mix of solutions. Rising to the forefront of this industry shift towards hybrid, Hostway and Hosting merged at the end of 2018 to create one of the largest managed cloud services platforms in the world. Our merged company is now an industry leader in building and managing complex cloud environments with highly available and secure solutions that span public and private cloud. Our unmatched portfolio features a multitude of managed options, including private cloud, VMware, AWS, Azure, and hybrid cloud solutions with a full suite of security, compliance, database management, DevOps, and business intelligence services. Hostway|Hosting now stands out as a global powerhouse with 14 state-of-the-art data centers around the world.

Customer Needs Are Shifting

The combination of Hostway and Hosting creates a leading independent platform positioned to thrive in a rapidly consolidating market. To understand all the benefits the merger brings, it’s important to understand the IT environment that businesses work in today. It’s predicted that that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020, and while the public cloud approach used to be considered the natural answer for outgrowing old IT methods, public cloud alone is proving to be an incomplete solution. Concerns of cost, compliance, and security are driving the prevalence of more hybrid, custom, and multi-cloud options. As noted by 451 Research, “Using both public and private infrastructure…[is] the endgame for most organizations today. This approach avoids vendor lock-in and enables enterprises to leverage the best attributes of each platform.”

Setting a Strong Foundation

Our expectations for the integration of these companies are constantly being surpassed. We are making excellent progress thanks to the hard work and amazing professionalism of our teams. In a very short period of time we have seamlessly merged our operations, systems, and teams, all united in our goals of providing a great customer experience. We’ve also delivered growth of available services to customers, as well as increased career growth opportunities for team members.

In February, we held our first integrated Sales Kickoff in Denver, bringing together our entire global sales team under one roof to meet and learn about our new portfolio of service, partnerships, and clients. Joining in these many conversations reminded me again just how complex IT management has become and why the time was right to come together and join forces. Bringing our teams, services, and collective knowledge together is more important now than ever to bring the most innovative and comprehensive solutions to our customers.

Strong Team Alignment 

Technology and systems are certainly important during mergers, but it’s the people behind the merger that complete the winning formula. From day one of the merger, there was a lot to do in so many areas. Suddenly, we became a much larger global company with expanded services, growing teams, new  locations, and more. After visits to new offices around the world, I witnessed firsthand the alignment between both companies’ core values, commitment to integrity, and customer focus. As a combined team, our employees immediately engaged and collaborated to solve customer problems. Watching our teams work together, you would think these companies have been merged for years, not just a few weeks!

These early integration efforts are already being recognized by industry-leading reviews and reports. In the first two months of Q1, Hostway|Hosting was named one of the major key players of the most recent Market Report by Global Managed Servers Market Forecast (2019-2023) and one of the Top Colocation Services Vendors by FeaturedCustomers, in addition to receiving the Best Managed Hosting Service Award by HostReview.

Benefits to Customers

Our customers are the true focus of all of this work. The expanded portfolio addresses core businesses challenges and provides comprehensive solutions for our customer needs. We have already begun serving customers with our expanded service set, and our internal account teams are proactively assessing and identifying ways to optimize and improve outcomes for current customers. Hostway|Hosting is excited to fully complete the merger in the weeks to come, unveiling changes across our website and our products.

As a quick example of the increase in services available to customers, now Hosting customers can have a global presence by accessing Hostway’s international Data Centers in Germany, Korea, and Canada. Additionally, Hosting customers now have access to the full suite of business-class Office 365 services from Hostway, as well as in the in-depth Azure expertise that the Hostway team brings. Similarly, Hostway customers can now benefit from Hosting’s experience and technical processes for database management brought by the Ntirety Hosting team, in depth AWS Management and automation, and Compliance as Service offerings. Hosting’s previous focus on Monitoring Insights, DevOps automation, management, and protection across services will be a valuable addition to Hostway’s customer solutions.

We are also proud to have introduced the industry’s first Guidance Level Agreements (GLAs), providing organizations that work with Hostway|Hosting’s with actionable recommendations, providing benefits for all of our customers. These in-depth recommendations are delivered quarterly and tied to customer’s individual business achievement.

Collectively, the organization is now better positioned to address the entirety of enterprise IT challenges and deliver more comprehensive solutions to risk, cost, and agility in the ever-changing technology landscape.

We’re Coming to You

Combining our expertise, our united teams are traveling to meet with IT professionals and hear about their challenges at executive dinners and TechTalks in cities across the country. Some of our best and brightest will be listening and learning about these industry issues to understand and share how our combined company can help these growing customer needs. Those interested but unable to make of our in-person events are encouraged to join us during our series of webinars. We are excited to connect and share our expanded knowledge sets.

As Hostway|Hosting continues to unite, customers and partners will get the benefit of more than twice the experience, technical expertise, and services to help every step of the way on the journey to hybrid cloud environments, with greater protection against ever-emerging threats. Learn about what twice the benefits means for your organization in our X2 webinar series. With similar company cultures and determination, we are successfully building a stronger team that will build careers within our organization and reinforce our mission towards personal, company, and customer success. The Executive Team, along with the entire company, are thrilled to be on the front lines of this exciting evolution and look forward to further accelerate our customer’s success in the coming months.

What do you think of this merger? How do you think it will benefit customers?  Please let us know your comments by emailing