Ntirety’s Inaugural Partner Advisory Council

Further Cementing our Channel-Only Strategy, Ntirety Selects Nine Partners for Exclusive Council to Create Long-term Channel Success.

In the ever-evolving field of information and technology, it is important to be adaptable; new devices are released every year, so cybersecurity awareness and education are of utmost importance. Ntirety’s Channel-Only approach has proven to be the ideal way to help raise awareness and security postures through our trusted Channel Partners.

To continue leading in the industry for both our partners and Ntirety, we invited partners to join our first Partner Advisory Council. We extend our sincerest thanks to our partners for their participation and for making Ntirety the trusted provider we are today. See our full press release covering the event below:

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ntirety, the most trusted Comprehensive Security provider, today announced the creation of their inaugural Partner Advisory Council. This council brings together top partners from the Channel industry to advise on best practices and collaborate on goals and initiatives for the upcoming year. This comes to further cement Ntirety’s strategy as a company that exclusively sells through the Channel.

The partners serve as the trusted voice of Ntirety customers, providing unique insights and firsthand knowledge on the brand’s services. The council’s goal is to help the Ntirety team fine-tune its product offerings, messaging, and marketing programs to further accelerate the adoption of its Compliant Security Suite of Services.

“Ntirety is 100% Channel focused, and the forming of this council reaffirms the brand’s commitment to our Channel partners,” said Emil Sayegh, CEO of Ntirety. “I’m thrilled to be able to form this council of passionate channel professionals who care deeply about the success of our clients and delivering to them pervasive, compliant security services that empower businesses to move faster with less risk.”

During the inaugural council meeting, partners gathered to align on bridging the gaps between technology, operations, and the human element of the Channel. The inaugural meeting identified a need for Channel partners to get more comfortable speaking about cybersecurity, as well as advising on compliance as new regulations across all industries continue to roll out.

“It was an honor to participate in this inaugural gathering,” said Auburn Holbrook, CRO of Opex Technologies. “For the first meeting, the content, and presenters were excellent. Ntirety is unique on multiple fronts with their Channel Only and Security First strategy. Their offering of compliant data security services comprehensively and compellingly for enterprise are unique and differentiated.”

The formation of this council directly follows Ntirety’s platinum sponsorship of the 2021 Avant Special Forces Summit in Austin, TX where CTO, Josh Henderson, and VP & Field CTO, Tony Scribner, were both featured panelists. It is the latest in a productive year connecting and collaborating with partners, including Ntirety’s participation as a platinum sponsor with speaking engagements at Telarus Partner Summit in San Diego, CA in June, and attending and co-hosting multiple events with Intelisys. Through these major conferences and summits to more exclusive gatherings, Ntirety continues to set the company apart with its cybersecurity thought leadership from other managed security providers in every interaction.

Ntirety’s exclusive commitment to Channel includes dedicated training resources, co-branded marketing collateral, reciprocal opportunity generation, and partner advisory boards, as well as evergreen commission structures and opportunity-specific incentive plans.

To learn more about Ntirety’s Channel Partner commitment or how to become a partner, visit ntirety.com/partners today!

Women’s History Month: Honoring Women in Technology and Ntirety’s Female Leaders

Women’s History Month: Honoring Women in Technology and Ntirety’s Female Leaders

March is recognized as Women’s History Month and with each passing year, we are proud to see more and more women entering the technology field. From Product Development to Customer Success, Ntirety is fortunate to have many strong female leaders throughout our company.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve interviewed several of our team members about their experiences working in the tech industry, being a part of Ntirety, and looking towards the future for women in IT.

“I’ve been in this industry, and with this company, a long time,” shares Cindy Lou Chapman, Oracle Team Lead. “Technology can still feel male-dominated from what I’ve experienced in this business, but I like to think there are streaks of brilliance, flashes of color, that are represented by the women that have passed thru or persevered in this domain.”

While statistics show that women currently make up only 25% of the tech workforce, Chapman encourages more women to enter the industry and likes to train women new to the field, helping them reach their potential.

Similarly, Dawn Watz, Quality Assurance Lead in Product Development, is also inspired to see the creation and growth of global tech support organizations like Women in Tech, Women Who Code, and Women Who Test, even though her early experiences in the industry also mirrored Chapman’s.

“When I started in tech, I had no idea I would be the only woman or one of few on most of my teams,” Watz explains, but she’s since found support from her teammates and management at Ntirety. “I feel trusted to make decisions and solve problems. My work is respected and my ideas are considered with the same weight as other team members.”

Even if their presence wasn’t overt in the early days, groundbreaking female leaders in the IT field influenced many on the Ntirety team.

“I’ve been lucky to have many strong females in my life who have inspired me to always stand up for myself, strive to succeed, and not be afraid to break traditions,” says Maggie McGovern, Vice President, Customer Success & SMB Sales.

With over 20 years in the tech industry and being a part of the Ntirety team since 2006, McGovern’s career journey has taken her from working behind the scenes in IT to switching over to work with people more through Customer Success. Her path is a great example of how many facets are in the tech industry and how important building and maintaining strong relationships and networks are in the technology space. From Customer Success Managers to Channel Partners, Ntirety’s team is dedicated to helping people.

“I love working in channel for a cybersecurity company. It allows me to rehumanize technology by taking something scary and saying hey, you’ve got a team of people that can help you,” explains Alexandria Huber, Regional Channel Manager. “Having the right technology is important, but having the right people is better.”

In every area, there are strong roles for women to take the lead and provide much needed perspectives and ideas that contribute to greater innovation – and Ntirety believes that diversity is invaluable to our teams.

“In my role at Ntirety, I hope to be able to contribute to making Ntirety a more diverse and inclusive space and increase the number of women in our leadership and tech roles,” shares Zoe Robinson, People Experience & Recruitment Advisor, “As a young woman starting my career in People Operations at a tech company, I am inspired to work towards recruiting more women into tech and creating an environment internally where they can succeed.”

From personal convictions to company missions, Ntirety is dedicated to expanding women’s roles in technology and fostering new opportunities for everyone.

If you are interested in joining a growing and dynamic company leading the industry, check out Ntirety’s current job listings.

Better Not Pout: The Price of No Disaster Recovery Plan – Forbes Article by Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh

Better Not Pout: The Price of No Disaster Recovery Plan – Forbes Article by Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh

Hackers, hardware failure, human error—is your business willing to roll the dice without a disaster recovery plan? Don’t trust the odds of naughty versus nice when it comes to your business IT systems and data.

Published in Forbes on December 1, 2020, Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh’s article Better Not Pout: The Price of No Disaster Recovery Plan explains why disaster recovery plans are an essential investment of time that no organization can afford to skip. The end of 2020 is a nonstop wave of cyberattacks on big name private sector companies and federal agencies, and the holidays only heighten the risks for businesses across industries.

Learn about this non-negotiable task for every business – and how professionals can sleep better at night with “visions of sugar-plums dancing in your head” without IT worries.

Read Emil’s full article below or on Forbes.com here.

Better Not Pout: The Price of No Disaster Recovery Plan

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

Seriously now, imagine yourself ahead of the most important e-commerce season of the year for your company. A tech disaster at this moment would be harrowing – and Murphy’s Law tells us this is the time when these events tend to happen. It is during moments like these that you must have a strategy and a team ready to execute your plan flawlessly.

Because, as the Christmas poem goes you don’t want this to happen:

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter

There was a time not so long ago when disaster recovery plans did not consistently get their due day, and even perhaps got a few eye rolls. That sentiment has drastically shifted as more businesses than ever rely on highly available and reliable digital transactions. Even a minor security incident can wield significant impacts that, in many cases, affect company revenue. It’s enough to make heads spin – a challenging task that covers business process contingencies as well as means of technological recovery.

So Many Risks

A loss of data and unplanned technology interruptions can cause a company’s base to crumble. Real-world circumstances and threats create a state of never-ending peril and include difficult-to-plan-for risk factors:

  • Human Error – People make mistakes. Administrators might miss a piece of code. They may mistakenly apply tools directly in production instead of test environments. Users are also vulnerable, which is part of the reason spyware and virus distribution continues to be successful. One errant click could cause a domino effect, bringing down an entire organization.
  • Hack Evolution – Threats exist from all walks of life, including call attempts, physical breaches, even walking through the front door. Those are difficult, risky tactics and most criminals prefer to leverage the evolving cybercrime tactics that we see attack IT systems prevalently today.
  • IT Failure – A missed process, a broken configuration, gaps in security, hardware failure, network issues – IT systems can and do fail. Some of the components are physical, others are virtual and many of these failures trackback to circumstance.

If you haven’t had a chance to revisit or think through disaster recovery plans for all of these risk factors – especially when a new year is upon us – it is time to do so. In the competitive age that we live in, there is no margin for the types of outcomes that can be prevented or minimized by proper disaster recovery planning.

Could your business afford data loss due to a security breach, human errors, or natural disasters? Can the average business sustain another business interruption, downtime, or loss of productivity? Ultimately, can you afford to lose clients, and are you ready to have difficult and serious conversations with customers about the data that was lost?

Rolling Without – DON’T

Whether malicious in nature, based in nature itself or attributable to human error, the far-reaching effects of an IT disaster are avoidable with regular planning and continual revisiting. We all take measures to ensure our personal health, our employees, our vehicles, and homes, but precautions, procedures, and policies that affect organizations often get left out due to insufficient focus. Consider the levels of impact a disaster can have instantaneously and long-term:

  • Financial Losses – Immediate
  • Operational Dysfunction – Immediate and Intermediate
  • Reputational Loss – Potentially Long-Lasting Damage

Envision how and what your business would need to recover from a technological, experience, and customer relations perspective and you will be on the right track.

With good planning in place, recovery times can be minimized reducing lost revenue and time. System backups, system resiliency, and operational procedures are just some of the elements that make dependable companies dependable. An essential investment of time, disaster recovery plans are a non-negotiable task for businesses – far from an IT luxury – and how to sleep well at night with

Visions of sugar-plums dancing in your head!

Protect your business and discover how Ntirety can identify and fill in gaps in your disaster recovery plan. Schedule a consultation today.

2021 Predictions “Unmasked” eBook

2021 Predictions “Unmasked” by Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh

As an industry leader with over 20 years of experience, Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh has seen many IT trends come and go and has learned how to spot an upcoming tech trend before it fully comes to fruition. After a year of so many unexpected developments, many might be lost on what will come next in the IT world – but Sayegh’s 2021 Predictions “Unmasked” ebook is here to be your guide.

Download the ebook here »

“Even after all the time spent in this industry, this moment is not unlike the things that history has shown us,” Sayegh explains in the opening of his book. “The relationship between cloud computing and world events continuously intersect – one event or opportunity interchangeably driving the other, changing the world or stepping up to challenges.”

And step up it must.

After all the demands of the past year, the IT industry must now shift from reactive back to proactive – but what can businesses actually expect for 2021? From new and nuanced challenges to watch out for, to opportunities that shouldn’t go overlooked, Sayegh unmasks what the upcoming year has in store and outlines how to stay ahead of the game.

No matter what, Sayegh reassures readers:

“We will be here, and we will see you next year.”

Download 2021 Predictions “Unmasked” now and start your new year IT strategy off right.

The Future of IT and Cloud – 2021 Predictions: On-Demand Webinar

Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh shares his exclusive IT, cybersecurity, and cloud predictions for 2021 in this on-demand webinar, The Future of IT and Cloud – 2021 Predictions, available now.

As we continue to endure an upheaval to our daily lives, organizations face a turning point under the pressure of compounding financial challenges, a rise in cybersecurity breaches and a re-imagination of the traditional work space. Fueled by IT innovation and unprecedented digital transformation, organizations will need to be adaptive, creative and resilient in order to prevail in 2021.

Now is your chance to learn about the top IT, cybersecurity, and cloud trends we all need to watch –and watch out for – to remain competitive.

Ready to tackle your technology and cybersecurity challenges? Schedule a consultation with one of Ntirety’s experienced cloud experts today.

The Competition for Cybersecurity: On-Demand Webinar

Regardless of industry, location, or company size, no business is immune to the evolving threat of cybercrime as attacks become more sophisticated and well-funded.

But are you fully aware of the different dangers that exist and how to combat them?

Tune in to this unique on-demand webinar, The Competition for Cybersecurity, for an engaging point, counterpoint discussion between two of Ntirety’s leading cloud security experts. Ntirety CISO Chris Riley, our white hat, and VP Sales (US East) Jason Bingo, our black hat, discuss the evolving threat landscape from the combative different perspectives. The pressing topics include:

  • How hackers got their start
  • The big business and motivations behind today’s cyberthreats
  • Key mitigation tactics and strategies

Ready to take your business to the next level? Schedule a consultation with one of Ntirety’s experienced cloud experts today.

Cloud Success Stories: Stronger Cybersecurity in Azure Public Cloud

Cloud Success Stories: Stronger Cybersecurity in Azure Public Cloud

Regardless of industry, location, or company size, IT security is a top priority for all businesses. Operating in the cloud, like the Microsoft Azure platform, can give organizations a big boost in their security posture. In fact, Gartner predicts that through 2020 public cloud IaaS workloads will experience 60% fewer security incidents than traditional data centers.

To make this prediction a reality though, businesses need to know how to migrate and configure their cloud environments properly and continue to optimize as cyber-threats continue to evolve. This is a tall order for most companies, which makes sense why security would be one of the biggest hurdles against cloud adoption for nearly two-thirds of companies.

But with the continued guidance and expertise of cybersecurity and cloud professionals, like Ntirety’s Azure experts paired with our Managed Security Services, the cloud can provide the secure environment for businesses to build, deploy, and manage services and applications from anywhere.

Take an insider’s look at how two organizations overcame obstacles and minimized vulnerabilities migrating and expanding their Microsoft Azure environments with Ntirety leading them through a smooth digital transformation.

University Reduces IT Risks After Migrating Workloads to Azure

Offering both traditional and online class options, a major university knew it had to undergo a digital transformation from their colocation setup. Evolving their existing IT stack was exposing IT performance and availability issues and the university had to move to the cloud to alleviate the issues. But making that transition risked greater downtime and knew the migration would require IT expertise beyond what the higher-ed organization had in-house.

The university selected Ntirety to perform the university’s migration to Microsoft Azure with their internal teams working in tandem with Ntirety’s on project plan so they could guide their IT partner through a full analysis of existing code and the organization’s infrastructure design.

Achieving a smooth transformation to Azure, the university was relieved of many of the operational risks and costs associated with managing a legacy colocation provider. With Ntirety’s continued partnership, the university took full advantage of the Azure’s reporting tools, cost optimization in the dynamic environment, and better security monitoring.

IHS Markit Regains Business Focus with Secure Azure Cloud Services

The IHS Markit team strained to keep up the company’s 24/7 operation and needed expert Azure support to continue to grow securely.

Not only did the company need the time and focus back for their desired business goals, but they needed a stronger security posture to protect proprietary data. With Ntirety acting as front line for monitoring and patching for their Azure environment, the organization’s internal teams could push forward with peace of mind.

The organization operated smoothly without a hiccup in security thanks to diligent monitoring and patching, tasks that could easily go overlooked by internal teams stretched thin. But Ntirety was capable of handling hundreds of WAF alerts and remediations daily to prevent any real problems developing. While escalation procedures were put in place, the Ntirety team was often able to engage and mitigate any issues without having to distract the IHS Markit team – letting them focus without worrying about cybersecurity.

Better Cloud Security Together

No matter what IT environment, cloud security is a shared responsibility strengthen with the expertise of a cybersecurity partner.

With a proven track record of helping organization across industries migrate, optimize, and secure their business IT, Ntirety offers a portfolio of managed security services designed to meet every business’s needs, including:

  • Secure remote access and managed VPN
  • Edge-to-endpoint firewalls
  • Malware protection and patching
  • Real-time reporting on potential threats

Whether starting migration or optimizing existing infrastructure, Ntirety Managed Security Services offer enterprise businesses the advanced tools, processes, and support networks and mission-critical applications.

For businesses ready to step up their cybersecurity, Ntirety is the expert guide with over 20 years’ experience dedicated to reducing risks, optimizing IT spend, and improving agility to create future-ready enterprises.

Ready to strengthen your cloud security? Start with a consultation and cloud vulnerability assessment with one of Ntirety’s trusted cybersecurity experts today.

Celebrating Ntirety’s First Anniversary

Time flies when you are working hard (and having fun!) and we are excited to celebrate our first birthday as Ntirety.

Hello, Ntirety!

In September 2019 when we officially announced the launch of Ntirety as our new name and brand as a culmination of the integration of Hostway and Hosting as one company, we could not have imagined everything that would be in store for our company. Our mission as Ntirety is to “enable business to move faster with less risk,” and thanks to the teamwork of our employees and partners, we have been able to provide premier-level services, guidance, and security for our clients through every new challenge.

“As we celebrate our first birthday as Ntirety, and amidst all the challenges that this pandemic has brought, I am very proud of our team and progress in this past year,” Ntirety’s CEO and President Emil Sayegh says. “I am pleased to welcome new customers that have trusted us with their mission critical applications even during these uncertain times. Our team has stepped up to the plate every time, helping customers manage their hybrid infrastructure needs, securely and economically.”

Greater Focus on Cybersecurity

The introduction of the new Ntirety Managed Security Services suite could not have come at a better time for clients as IT threats increased and evolved with the pandemic and the shift to a more remote workforce.

“It is refreshing to work with a group that takes our issues as seriously as we do and to go as far as we would go to get them resolved. This type of attitude and collaboration is one of the main reasons we chose Ntirety,” shares client Daxko, a software solutions provider for health & wellness facilities.

With the opening of the Ntirety security operations center, our clients gained greater peace of mind in the fast-changing business landscape. Our team of security experts proactively identify, investigate, and mitigate many types of mission-critical threats before they become serious problems, including:

  • Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability Detection
  • Information Disclosure Vulnerability Detection
  • Authentication Failure Alerts

“The client’s journey has and always will be the focus of Ntirety. Enabling their business goals while reducing risk – that’s maturing their security program holistically,” shares Ntirety Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Chris Riley. “Our clients immediately benefit from a security-hardened, fully monitored and managed environment for their enterprise.”

Rapid Expansion

Along with reducing cybersecurity risks for clients with the new Ntirety Managed Security Services, we experienced a lot of positive growth despite the Covid-19 pandemic. This year we welcomed new clients from across industries, including healthcare, education, and manufacturing, as well as strengthened our existing relationships.

“We interviewed various companies while searching for a partner. We felt a strong connection with the team at Ntirety and we felt confident in their ability to help us,” shares Tabatha Newman, Management Analyst at Olympia Orthopedic Associates.

We expanded our network of partners, working closely with channel partners to bring Ntirety’s new Managed Security Services to the organizations in need, along with our high-availability managed cloud services, cloud migrations, database services, and more.

“Ntirety has proven to be a leader in the managed cloud services and cybersecurity space for enterprises,” Philbert Shih, Managing Director of Structure Research, explains. “As they expand their portfolio of innovative products and services Ntirety also continues to focus on delivering proactive customer service and guidance, dedicated to pushing businesses and the industry forward.“

Life at Ntirety Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Along with welcoming new clients and building on our partnerships, we have been fortunate to add 60 new highly skilled members to the Ntirety team. Thanks to the growing team, we were able to support all of our clients and partners throughout this pandemic helping each one of them with their IT and security challenges.

“In the IT industry, we believe it’s the people that make a company truly stand above the rest, and our amazing team is one of our greatest assets here at Ntirety,” shares Natasha Gordon, Vice President of Human Resources. “We have been fortunate to have so many exceptional employees join Ntirety, and even if it’s been a bit unconventional with social distancing, it has been wonderful to watch our team grow.”

As the company continues to welcome new clients and expand services, we always looking for talented individuals to join our team – see our Careers page for current job listings, which are updated daily.

We are thankful for the immense support and loyalty our clients and partners have shown us not just this past year, but from our legacy days as Hostway and Hosting as well. We will always to strive to deliver the entirety of secure, managed IT and cloud solutions for our clients today and in the future.

Cloud Migration Success Stories: Optimizing Cost and Improving Agility in the AWS Public Cloud

Optimizing Cost and Improving Agility in the AWS Public Cloud

For any business to maintain a competitive edge, cloud migration is no longer a question of if but when – and now even more importantly, it is a question of how to migrate efficiently, effectively, and securely.

Whether migrating some or all of their workloads from traditional data centers to public or private clouds, or opting for hybrid or multi-cloud solutions, 52% of the early-stage cloud users choose Amazon Web Services (AWS). Businesses find the extensive set of cloud services from AWS can offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Optimized IT costs
  • Increased business agility
  • An overall competitive edge

But cloud migrations are often complex and take time, expertise, and planning to be successful. Top challenges standing in the way of businesses making the move, according to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report, include understanding the IT dependencies involved (63%), assessing on-prem vs. cloud costs (41%), and even determining if it’s feasible for their IT systems to migrate (47%).

But even if migration seems like a formidable task, it doesn’t have to be overwhelm internal teams or slow down other business initiatives when pair with the right IT partner – especially one with experience not only migrating companies to the AWS cloud platform, but providing ongoing support and implementation of AWS tools and services.

Take an insider’s look at how two companies overcome various challenges and pain points during migration with Ntirety guiding them through a smooth digital transition with AWS to become future-ready enterprises.

Engineering Firm Optimizes IT Costs Migrating e-Commerce Site to AWS

For over 50 years, engineering firm K&N has been a leader in automotive industry, offering products to increase performance and longevity in vehicle applications worldwide. Although serving a global market, K&N had been storing their severs in a closet before Ntirety helped them make the switch from internal servers to a local data-center. This move would be the first leg of the engineering firm’s digital transformation.

From the success of that initial transition, K&N decided to optimize further by moving their e-commerce site’s development environment over to AWS. By offloading this specific workload into the cloud, Ntirety helped the firm ensure that continued development of their public-facing e-commerce site would be able to scale without forcing costly data center expansions.

The smooth transition to AWS demonstrated to K&N that Ntirety possessed not only extensive expertise in cloud migrations, but specifically with AWS. The firm engaged Ntirety to take over the monitoring, DevOps, security, and management of the e-commerce site’s AWS environment. Keeping Ntirety as an extension of their internal IT team allowed K&N to focus on desired business goals, rather than trying to keep up with their new AWS instance.

Migrating a specific portion of K&N’s business IT to the cloud proved to help make their budget go further while simultaneously optimizing it. Overall, K&N found a better pricing model in this hybrid approach, as well as greater peace of mind knowing they had an expert partner fully managing their AWS environment.

Financial Services Firm Migrates to Scalable AWS Environment to Support Expansion

While rapid growth is often viewed as a good thing for businesses, quickly outgrowing IT applications and infrastructure puts a strain on resources, bandwidth, budget, and the ability to continue positive growth – as was the case for one financial firm.

Originally, this financial firm’s application was designed to run on dedicated servers but then moved to streaming. The move caused sprawling infrastructure and spiraling costs, as well as inconsistencies in deployment, configuration, and security policies. The firm turned to Ntirety to help migrate their application to a cloud environment that could scale to manage their business growth and better service their customers.

Scalable and security-focused, Ntirety designed the new environment for the application entirely as code using AWS Cloud Formation. This implemented design allowed the financial services firm to easily add customers on the fly in a matter of minutes versus the 40-plus hours it took to manually add a customer when the application was in the SaaS environment.

Together with Ntirety, the firm successfully moved their production workload over to the AWS model and began offering the platform to new customers. With plans to continue expanding globally, the AWS environment provided the flexible, scalable architecture the firm needed to support ongoing new growth.

Find Your Answers to When and How

From SMB to enterprise, IT professionals now “view cloud [migration] as inevitable,” Gartner reported in 2019. “The focus is now on how to do it well versus on whether to do it at all.”

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Ntirety is equipped to do just that for clients. With a proven track record of helping organization across industries plan, migrate, and optimize their business IT with AWS, Ntirety offers a portfolio of cloud migration services designed to meet every business’s needs. Whether moving everything or designing a hybrid solution, companies can find a true IT partner with Ntirety.

Ready to start your digital transformation? Start with a consultation and cloud migration assessment with one of Ntirety’s trusted cloud experts today.

Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh Interviewed by Cisco Cloud Unfiltered Podcast

Cisco Cloud Unfiltered Podcast
Episode air date: July 24, 2020

In a new episode of the Cisco Cloud Unfiltered Podcast, hosts Ali Amagasu and Pete Johnson interview Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh about the current state of cloud technology and where he predicts it is heading given the rapidly evolving business landscape. A leading technology-focused podcast, Cloud Unfiltered episodes feature interviews with professionals working to move cloud and IT implementation forward.

Host Ali Amagasu is an enthusiastic marketer who seeks to help the podcast listeners understand the value and implications of emerging products and solutions in the cloud and networking arenas.

A friend and former colleague from Sayegh’s time previously at Hewlett-Packard, Pete Johnson is now a Principal Architect covering Cloud and Programmability for the Global Partner Organization at Cisco Systems Inc and frequent co-host with Amagasu for the Cloud Unfiltered podcast.

Listen to the Cloud Unfiltered interview with Ntirety CEO Emil Sayegh here »

“Fifteen years later, the cloud is still going strong,” Sayegh begins, sharing his perspective as one of the pioneers of cloud computing and looking at what is happening in terms of cloud technology today and what industry experts expect in the upcoming years.

Over the course of the interview, Amagasu and Johnson explore several key questions with Sayegh, drawing from his July 14, 2020 Forbes article A New Cloud Race Looms Amid The Covid-19 Industry Boom, including:

  • Will the Big 3 public providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, and Google – have a price war?
  • Is further industry consolidation expected?
  • Are the Big 3 currently differentiated, and if so, which elements of their offerings are unique?

Listen to the Cloud Unfiltered episode to hear Sayegh’s answers to these and many more critical cloud questions, along with his insider’s insights on the industry’s direction through the pandemic and into the economic recovery.

Listen to the episode here »