If your company is like most companies, you have a database environment that is a mix of misconfigured databases, which can lead to issues with disaster recovery, security and business continuity.  Sometimes, you may not even be aware of additional databases that you have running in your environment.  If this is true, how do you secure your environment?  How do you set roles and responsibilities?  Do you have a change management process?  How do you respond to threats?  Do you have a patch management program?

This does not have to be your everyday reality.  You can regain control of your database environment.  You can optimize and run your systems at peak efficiency through database governance procedures.

The following six steps are a great place to start:

  1. Identify – Inventory your database and see exactly what you are working with
  2. Assess – Identify risks and opportunities
  3. Analyze – Review results and make recommendations
  4. Roadmap – Create a plan to improve your environment
  5. Execute – Implement changes
  6. Maintain – Manage your database ongoing

As a result, your environment will be fine-tuned, add value, and drive profitable outcomes.

This might be a lot to take on by yourself and your team.  You may want to start by prioritizing your needs and implementing in a manageable way.   Or consider finding an organization to partner with your IT team to better support and service your database needs, so you can focus on business as usual and your mission critical initiatives.

Ntirety can help your organization achieve database nirvana.  We have a team of dedicated experts ready to help identify, assess, analyze, roadmap, execute and manage your database.

Watch a video on achieving database nirvana.