What makes Ntirety unique?

Ntirety offers unique, unrivaled database management services and expertise.  Here are the six reasons why:


Ntirety offers managed services regardless of the location of your databases — on-premises, in a public or private cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment.


Big data behaves differently than transactional data and transactional data behaves differently than analytic data and so on. Ntirety analyzes and optimizes database workflows and applications by determining the personality of each dataset and developing a different approach to manage each. This optimizes the performance of your IT infrastructure.


Ntirety brings a unique set of industry expertise to cloud database projects including best practice methodologies and templates. Ntirety has experience working with hundreds of customers across a multitude of industries including retail, financial services, and healthcare.


Ntirety customizes its cloud database services to meet your business’ specific requirements and provide the best ROI.


Ntirety provides database-centric security — comprehensive security at the core, the most granular level of your database environment. This ensures the governance of your data, whether inside or outside the database, and protection of your cloud infrastructure.


Ntirety has custom-developed tools and reports that provide a highly granular, running catalog of the databases, servers, and configurations in any environment. If someone makes a change to your environment, you can refer to the catalog to check that the change is appropriate and correctly executed.