Your DBA is the backbone of an efficiently operating system – and its not an easy job. The basic job entails installation, configuration, upgrades and data migration, backup and recovery, storage and capacity planning, performance monitoring and tuning, and troubleshooting.  In addition, many DBAs are responsible for High Availability, Big Data, data extraction, transformation and loading and even security.  That is a tall order and if you only have one DBA, it’s nearly impossible to meet the daily demands.

Slow applications, servers down, latency, backups that don’t run . . . are just a few of the problems DBA may encounter and when something goes wrong, your DBA may be the first person that everyone blames — even though many problems with downtime, network lag, etc., may be well outside of the DBA’s control. When your DBA spends all their time putting out the fires that arise they have less time for the day-to-day work they do to keep the network up and running, and no one is happy, especially your DBA.

DBAs also may have to come in at odd hours, even weekends or long holidays to fix emergencies or migrate data and upgrade systems. Since database malfunctions don’t confine themselves to normal business hours, your DBA may live in fear of their telephone ringing at strange times. And even when they manage to save the day, many DBAs feel underappreciated.

Additionally, most DBAs are tasked with major projects to improve database operations, and yet their daily work lives prevent them from having the time to delve into long-term, mission-critical projects. Failure to meet deadlines leads to additional stress and frustration, further exacerbating the problem. The question becomes what to do to provide your DBA with higher job satisfaction and the time to work on the projects that really matter.

7 Signs That You Need DBA On Demand

  1. You want to upgrade your database but you don’t have time.
  2. You want to migrate to new technology but are worried about the possible complications.
  3. You have a long-term project designed for database stabilization or performance fine-tuning, but your DBAs just can’t seem to make room in their schedules for it.
  4. Your DBA keeps quitting and you just can’t seem to find the right person for the job.
  5. You have a project that requires specialized skills that your DBA doesn’t have time to develop.
  6. You found someone with exactly the skills you need … but you can’t afford them
  7. Your team is overwhelmed with database administration tasks, but you don’t have the budget to bring on another full-time DBA

Improve Operations and Make a DBA Happy

If this is your organization, it’s time to explore the DBA OnDemand option. With DBA OnDemand, you don’t have to hire an entirely new DBA, but rather can hire half a DBA — or one-quarter of one . . . or an eighth.

DBA OnDemand services can take the load off of your in-house DBA, increase their job satisfaction and lower your costs in maintaining your database operations. Ntirety provides DBA OnDemand, Remote DBA and other consulting services that will take over the stressful work of your DBA and allow them to concentrate on improving operations for your long term success. Contact Ntirety for a database assessment and make your DBA happy.