It can happen at a moment’s notice, your DBA can up and leave.  Whether its burnout or a new opportunity, it’s a fact that people move on.  A DBA is such a critical role to your organization, so what next?  What do you do?

  1. Don’t Panic. Making a quick decision may not be right for your business.  It’s important to assess the resources you have available to you to find a great interim solution.
  1. Assess Security. Your DBA knows all the passwords.  It’s important to build a contingency plan so you have access to those passwords if you ever need them.
  1. Understand Key Processes. Key processing is critical to your business functioning appropriately.  Be sure to know these processes and see that they are managed effectively.
  1. Understand Your Database Backups. Ask your DBA for all documentation on database backup protocols and procedures. In addition, find out what the most common problems are with backups so you are prepared to manage them as they arise. 
  1. Learn About Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance. Find out what monitoring is in place and how they are alerted when there is an issue. 
  1. Ask About Outstanding Problems or Concerns. Ask your DBA about any pressing issues or concerns that could prove problematic in the near-term like disk space needs or backup issues.

If you are not prepared for a DBA departure, it could put you out of business.  Given the risk to your business, it’s prudent to be prepared ahead of time to deal with an unexpected loss of a DBA.  Download Ntirety’s eBook to learn the 6 steps to follow when a DBA leaves, issues to consider before this happens and what questions you should ask your DBA before they depart.

Your DBA Quit? No Worries

Outsourcing all or part of the DBA’s role is a viable option to ensure business continuity, enhanced optimization and 24/7 database support.

Ntirety works with your IT department to better support and service your end users and to meet your organizational needs, including a wealth of best-in-class DBA services. From cost-effective remote DBA services to data consulting and DBA on-demand, Ntirety partners with OracleMicrosoft and VMWare, as well as many other best-in-class technologies, and can support your organization’s database requirements so that your in-house staff can focus on mission-critical initiatives.