A recent article in Business Insider suggests that December is actually a great time to look for a new job. Many employers have already determined their budgets and hiring needs at this point, and competition is generally lower as most job seekers are off celebrating the holidays. Of course an important part of the job search is the resume. Even if you if you aren’t currently looking for, or even thinking about a new job, you should take the time to update your resume at least once a year.

Resume writing can be tricky for anyone, but technology professionals face a unique set of challenges. These 5 tips can help tech professionals get their resumes to stand out and increase the chances of landing that dream job.

  1. Top Load Your Resume

Attention spans are getting shorter. People read resumes to about halfway down the page before deciding if they are going to continue reading so key information should be visible at the top. A hiring manager needs to be able to glance at your resume and quickly know what type and level of position you are seeking. It’s important to capture attention within 3-5 seconds. One tip is to add a “tagline” which is your 3-5 second professional elevator pitch that can be customized for the type of positions you’re applying for. What is it about you that makes you stand out above your competition? Why are you the best candidate?


  1. Add a Tech Summary

Most professions don’t need to include a technical summary, but for IT professionals it is a requisite. This should not be a list of every single technology you have ever heard about but only the ones you can actually speak to. Include your technical competencies and present them in an organized and structured manner.


  1. Make It an Appropriate Length

Professional resume writers recommend that a resume should never exceed 2 pages however the optimal length of the resume will really depend on your experience. An IT resume probably needs to be at least 2 pages to account for education, certifications, professional development info and the technical summary. Keep it concise and focus on last 8-10 years. Don’t include details of previous experience that doesn’t relate to the position you are currently targeting.


  1. Watch Your Language

Phrases like “extensive experience,” and “team player” are overused and hiring managers are starting to expect more from candidates who want to stand out. One of the most overused phrases on resumes is “Responsible for” but with a phrase like that no one can be sure if you were a leader or a contributor. Use action verbs and phrases to bring resumes to life with words like “Built”, “Configured” or “Deployed”.

It is also helpful to use industry jargon and appropriate keywords for the type of positions you are targeting. This will ensure you are correctly positioning yourself for the job you want.


  1. Proofreading Matters

Proofreading is important for everyone – no matter which industry you are in. Check spelling, grammar, sentence structure and readability. Applying for a job in tech doesn’t mean you can be careless! Make sure your writing quality is appropriate.


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