A Database Architect is a highly skilled IT professional that plays an important, strategic role by supporting growth plans for your database.  They have a specialized skill set that enables them to meet the needs of software designers, design analysts and other key players to help plan a database that will be usable by hundreds or thousands of users.

Four strong skills of an experienced database architect are:

  • Analytical: Map out current and future database architecture requirements
  • Programmatic: Write strong, well-behaved code ensuring security standards and integration requirements are met
  • Technological: Perform upgrades, updates and ongoing maintenance to optimize performance
  • Problem Solver: Troubleshoot DB architecture problems and handle emergency situations

While these are excellent qualities, realistically your headcount may not allow for this particular role to be filled.

Ntirety has a service called DB Architect OnDemand, the perfect solution for when you need a DB Architect and don’t have the headcount or the full time need for one.  As with any OnDemand service, you can scale up or down what you need so you are not wasting valuable resources.

DB Architect OnDemand can help you with a variety of database needs from cloud database migrations/management to data warehousing.  For more information, please visit our DB Architect OnDemand page.