Database administrators have varying of areas of expertise.  They each have their own specialized skill sets.  It can be a big challenge to find the right skill set for the functions that you need done in a single DBA.  If you are looking to focus on high availability architecture and implementation, there are 3 key skills you’ll need to find in a DBA.

  1. Architecture skills – expertise in rolling out new instances into your current environment
  2. High Availability/Disaster Recovery – experience with networking and storage
  3. Performance Tuning – troubleshooting deep in the database features

Finding a single person to fill these roles can be expensive and take a very long time.  More likely, you’ll find a DBA with a portion of these skills.  This creates what we like to call “half a DBA” where you settle for less than what you want because you’ve hired people with pieces of the skills you need.

Ntirety manages a database environment by taking a team-based approach to Database Administration. We have multiple DBAs on hand, each with a specific skill set.  This enables Ntirety to provide the services your database environment requires at a more affordable rate, versus opening your headcount to multiple DBAs to obtain the required skills in house.

To learn more about this specific scenario, watch this video as Jim Haas, Ntirety’s VP of Managed Services speaks about what to look for when hiring a DBA or visit our Data Consulting page to learn about the different services Ntirety specializes in.