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Michael Corey Releases Database Virtualization Book

August 6, 2014Ntmadmin

Michael Corey has released his 19th book on database technologies along with co-authors Jeff Szastak and Michael Webster.

Ntirety Partners with Libring for Big Data Solutions

August 6, 2014Staff

Ntirety has partnered with the Big Data specialists at Libring to provide Marketing Optimization solutions. Fluent in data, Libring’s experienced MIT-trained data scientists and highly skilled marketing experts, with combined experience in marketing  analytics, business development and client services, bring together the science of analytics and the art of building a fine-tuned strategy to optimize marketing expenditures. Professionals and companies are bombarded by a massive amount of data that results in information overload impossible to assimilate. Libring offers solutions to minimize the effort in data analysis in order to streamline decision-making. Libring helps organizations identify the best way to spend their marketing budget. Libring solutions enable Marketers to have a better […]

Mike Corey Interviewed at VMworld

August 5, 2014Staff