Ntirety has been working with clients of all types and sizes for over 15 years.  In that time, we have seen client requirements ranging from ‘I need someone to back-up my DBA when they go on vacation’ to ‘Can you come in and help me understand my whole environment so that I can improve my Disaster Recovery Strategy, Virtualization plan, High Availability, Total Cost of Ownership……………”

When Database Administration is not enough, Database Governance may be what you need.  Database Governance Services provide your business with a cohesive database strategy to standardize your architecture, ensure compliance, mitigate risk, deliver more predictable system performance, and reduce TCO. Ntirety’s services are unique in that we analyze the static and dynamic attributes of your datasets – the database workloads – to ensure your business can maximize, leverage, and control your data. This methodology, coupled with our change management process, can optimize your IT infrastructure and facilitate data flow by managing and monitoring data injection, alteration, analysis, storage, and security.

Ntirety delivers these services in six distinct phases: discovery, assessment, analysis and review, roadmap design, execution, and on-going management. Ntirety’s database experts can train your personnel to execute the recommendations and manage on going, or Ntirety can execute the recommendations and manage the governance of your databases on your behalf.